Which Are The Best Bagless Vacuums in Australia?

The most obvious benefit of going for a bagless vacuum is that you don’t have to keep spending on operating costs such as replacement bags.

Replacement bags are also, more often than not, not biodegradable and are a major weight on our creaking environment.

The drawbacks are that it is very rare to see a dust canister that can match up to the capacity that dust bags will give you.

As a result of this, there is also the added inconvenience that you will often have to dump your dust canister.

Another risk with a bagless vacuum is that if you do not dump it properly, there is a health risk that the dust your vacuum picked up could be re-released into your home environment!

If you can overlook these minor inconveniences, then a bagless vacuum is a super-convenient way to vacuum up.

VacuumShop has compiled a list of the best bagless vacuums Australia currently has available to it.

We have also gone ahead and made a note of the major factors to keep in mind before making a purchase as well as answer some commonly asked questions about bagless vacuums.

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Australia

The best bagless vacuums will be easy to empty and will save you money in the long run over replacement bag costs.

More than anything, what attracts people the most to bagless vacuums is the convenience they bring.

The best bagless vacuum reviews we have provided will make your job of engaging in a purchasing decision just a little bit simpler.

We’ve divided them from the best premium and cheap offering as well as the top performing bagless vacuum we came across!

Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort Bagless

Best Premium Bagless Vacuum

Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort Bagless

Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort Bagless

With one of the best suction we have seen, this dynamic bagless vacuum from Miele has top-notch HEPA filtration.

The main features that ensure that the Blizzard CX1 made our list of best bagless vacuums is an immense filtration system as well as suction power.

Large debris, we found in our testing, was no match for the powerful suction - which is something a lot of vacuums cannot do.

On hard surfaces, in particular, this bagless vacuum does an incredible job.

The vacuum does not necessarily struggle against fine pet fur, but we were left wishing that it could have done a more comprehensive job.

If you were super keen on Miele’s Blizzard CX1 range, and have pets, VacuumShop recommends that you go for the Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog model.

The presence of a HEPA filter is a real boost for homes that have people with severe dust allergies or breathing difficulties.

With a dust canister capacity of about 2 litres, it certainly isn’t too large but just about enough to get a few rounds of cleaning in!

The premium price on this device may be a significant stumbling block for customers in Australia!

  • Powerful suction sucks up even large debris
  • HEPA filtration makes this a good choice for homes that need an anti-allergy option
  • Excellent on hard surfaces
  • Struggles a tad when picking up pet hair
  • Limited dust canister capacity
  • Expensive

Bosch Relaxx’x

Best Performing Bagless Vacuum

Bosch Relaxx’x

Bosch Relaxx’x

A super-quiet bagless beauty that is great on different floors, has excellent filtration and has SmartSensor technology to monitor filters.

If a super-quiet and powerful vacuum is what you were looking for, the Germany-based Bosch’s Relaxx’x is ideal for your needs.

With a chance to control suction power, this vacuum can be used on carpeted surfaces as well as hard floors.

With a simple tweak in suction power, we were able to get excellent cleaning results on all kinds of surfaces.

On hard floors, our testing team put the suction power on low so that debris isn’t flung aside, while on carpeted surfaces they turned the power up to dig deep into carpet fibres.

A great filtration system is a must for any modern vacuum, and the HEPA filtration on the Relaxx’x will filter out 99.95% of all allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust.

We love the technology that this bagless vacuum has been decked out with, the most important of which is the SensorBagless technology.

The technology will monitor the airflow inside your vacuum and give you accurate information on when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Another great feature is the Integrated RotationClean technology which will ensure that you don’t come in contact with the filter on this device.

With the technology, you can rotate the filter out for easy cleaning!

Thoughtful accessories such as an upholstery nozzle make sofa cleaning easier than downing duck soup!

We were impressed with the 3-litre dust canister on this vacuum, making sure that you can get plenty of cleaning in before having to empty it.

With a long cord to tow the vacuum around, we were certainly relieved that it comes with an auto-retract feature!

With a weight of over 6 kilos, this is not a light vacuum under any measure.

For the technology it comes decked out with, this Bosch vacuum doesn’t come cheap either - with quite a hefty price tag!

  • Suction power can be controlled
  • Great for different floor types
  • SmartSensor technology will gauge when the filter needs cleaning
  • Large capacity for dust canister
  • Excellent HEPA filtration
  • The power cord is long and has an auto-retract feature
  • Integrated RotationClean technology makes it easy to clean the filters
  • Hefty price tag
  • Heavy vacuum

Vax Power 5 Pet

Best Cheap Bagless Vacuum

 Vax Power 5 Pet

Vax Power 5 Pet

With good dust canister capacity, this 2,000-watt beast is compact as well.

Vax is known for delivery high-quality vacuums at affordable prices.

The Power 5 Pet cylinder vacuum is a testament to that commitment from Vax.

For starters, this vacuum comes with cyclonic technology which is meant to maintain suction power.

By generating 2,000 watts of power, this vacuum sure is powerful, but it comes at a price - the vacuum is not too energy-efficient nor is it too quiet.

HEPA filtration on this device will ensure that the dust that is collected stays inside the vacuum.

Even for pet owners, this bagless vacuum is a good choice - as the name suggests.

The presence of a turbo tool accessory makes the vacuum adept at picking up pet hair.

A dust canister capacity of around 2.5 litres isn’t earth-shattering but will get the job done without creating any annoyances.

The cord length at only 6 metres isn’t too great, and it can be annoying to often change power outlets for some people.

With a hose that is about 2 metres in length, the cleaning radius of this vacuum isn’t really too great.

For the affordable price range, however, we have to admit that it was easy to see how a vacuum this compact and lightweight, could be a big hit in Australia.

  • Cyclonic technology results in powerful suction
  • Affordable price
  • Large capacity for dust canister
  • Not too heavy at less than 5 kilos
  • HEPA filtration
  • Could have been quieter
  • Cleaning radius could have been better
  • Short power cord

What Features Do The Top Bagless Vacuums Have?

Bagless vacuums come in a host of different vacuum types - from lightweight cordless sticks to heavy upright vacuums.

The best bagless vacuums do not just focus on providing convenience through a bagless design, they also aspire to make your home cleaning effortless.

Let us inspect the most important factors to keep in mind before purchasing a bagless vacuum for your home.

Cleaning Performance

Being bagless or bagged has nothing to do with how a vacuum performs in the cleaning department.

The key factors affecting those outcomes are the design of the airflow, the suction from the floorhead and the overall streamlined shape of the vacuum cleaner itself.

It is often seen that when focusing on buying a bagless vacuum, people often forget to carefully inspect the cleaning performance of the machine itself.

Make sure that you spend your hard-earned money on a winner!


Cleaning performance and a bagless design are great, but it all becomes futile if your vacuum isn’t easy to push around.

Make sure that you go for a lightweight vacuum so that you can maximise the convenience of cleaning.

If you are unable to find a vacuum that fits into your idea of “lightweight”, simply go for an easily manoeuvrable device.

Dust Canister Capacity

With any vacuum, it is always convenient to go for a device that has a large dust canister capacity so that you aren’t bogged down in constantly emptying the insides.

This is a feature where bagged vacuums have an obvious advantage over bagless vacuums.

It is rare to find a bagless vacuum with a dust canister capacity over 3-4 litres.

Ultimately, if the dust canister capacity is larger, you will be emptying the machine less often.

Emptying System

The emptying system can be a bit of a headache when it comes to bagless vacuums.

As there are no bags to hold the dust in unlike bagged vacuums, there is a risk that allergens could get released again if the emptying system is faulty.

There are a few options out there that make emptying easy such as Dyson’s “Point and Shoot” emptying system.

Some vacuum cleaners also come with a copper band inside to put dust and pet hair out without you having to touch a thing!

Filtration System

A top-quality filtration system becomes a strict requirement for homes with people that have severe dust allergies or breathing difficulties.

Vacuum cleaners today are extremely potent machines that can capture all kinds of small particles such as microscopic dust, pet dander and even pollen.

If the filtration system is not up to the mark, then your vacuum cleaner effectively becomes a dust distributor!

Considering that there is an added risk from bagless vacuums during the emptying process, it becomes crucial to find a vacuum with a strong filtration system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Bagless Vacuums Better Than Bagged?

Do Bagless Vacuums Lose Suction When Canisters Are Full?

Final Verdict

If you have been considering a bagless vacuum for your home, you may be on the right track!

Bagless vacuums have zero running costs when it comes to replacement bags, and emptying systems are usually easier to operate.The top-performing bagless vacuum we came across is the impressive Bosch Relaxx’x.

If you were after a more affordable offering, the Vax Power 5 Pet will not disappoint.

For Australians that are comfortable with splashing some cash on a fool-proof investment, you can’t go wrong with the Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort Bagless.

Ultimately, when making a purchasing decision regarding a bagless vacuum, make sure to go for something that cleans well, has a good emptying system and strong filtration.