The Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners Will Take The Weight Off!

If you’re thinking about learning more about the best stick vacuums Australia currently has, then you must be tired of your heavy vacuum.

Most stick vacuum cleaners are cordless, which also means your days of tripping over wires has come to an end!

We’ve put in thousands of hours of research to give you our picks of the best stick vacuum reviews.

Cordless stick vacuums are the poster child of the vacuum industry.

By all accounts, the market value for stick vacuums is expected to exceed $35 billion a year by 2025!

As stick vacuums become popular for quick spot cleaning, newer models are gearing up to one day permanently “kill big vacuums”.

Once you’ve gone through our picks for the best stick vacuums, you’ll be confident that day isn’t far away.

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Australia

The best stick vacuum cleaners have terrific batteries, a sizeable dust bin and powerful brush rotation to deal with thick carpets.

The top stick vacuums in the market can transform into a handheld, for a staircase or car interior cleaning session.

We’ve divided our best stick vacuum cleaner reviews based on the best performer, the best cordless operator as well as the top corded stick vacuum!  

Dyson V11 Absolute

Best Performing Stick Vacuum

Dyson V11

Dyson V11 Absolute

While a hefty price tag can be a severe roadblock, the V11 performs better than any stick vacuum we have ever tested! Specific state-of-the-art technology blew us out of the water.

British-based Dyson has long placed itself at the frontline of the latest revolution in the vacuum industry - Can Cordless Stick Vacuums Replace Larger Vacuums?

After testing the V11, we could see that Dyson was serious about their challenge.

The V11 may weigh only a little over 3 kilos, but the suction power produced by its motor is scary.

When you factor in that they have a High Torque cleaner head that rotates brushbars at a frightening pace of 60 times a second, the V11 reaches legendary status.

There is also a terrific LCD screen, where a high-tech monitoring system will collect 8,000 data points to relay info relating to batteries or filters accurately.

The V11 also has an Auto Mode which can automatically sense what floor type you are working on and update suction power appropriately.

You can convert this vacuum to a handheld device for easier crevice cleaning.

A sealed filtration system is a cherry on top of a high-tech cake!

There are certain negatives, though.

While the battery life is great at 60 minutes on lower power modes, on the highest power setting or Boost Mode, the battery life drops to about 8 minutes.

The battery also will take about 4.5 hours to recharge, which is an hour longer than it took on the Dyson V10.

Our ultimate verdict, given the technology and powerful suction, is that the V11 is an investment you absolutely cannot go wrong with!

  • Powerful suction that will put even large vacuums to shame.
  • Excellent battery running time at 60 minutes on lower power modes
  • High Torque cleaner head will adjust to the floor type
  • Lightweight at just over 3 kilos
  • Converts to handheld
  • Sealed filtration system
  • LCD screen
  • The dust canister capacity is limited to 0.76 litres
  • The battery only lasts for about 8 minutes on Boost Mode
  • The battery takes 4.5 hours to recharge completely

Dyson Cyclone V10

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson Cyclone V10

Coming at a premium price, which can be overwhelming, but the cleaning performance, filtration and suction power will not leave you thinking the V10 is overpriced!

The predecessor to the V11, the price of the V10 has gone down in recent times to make this immense cordless stick vacuum a valuable prospect.

While the Dyson V6 and Dyson V8 went a long way in establishing Dyson as a force in the stick vacuum market, the V10 put a ribbon on it!

Before the entry of the V11, the V10 had the most powerful motor that Dyson ever made.

Intelligent engineering by the team at Dyson, where they align the powerful motor and cyclones with the dust bin, has lead to a streamlined shape.

The multiple cyclones, of which there are 14 of them, create enough centrifugal force to separate allergens.

Compared to the newer V11, the V10 has almost the same battery life.

The benefit of the V10, however, is that it takes a whole hour lesser to recharge!

In our testing, a soft roller brush on the V10 does an excellent job in picking up large debris from hard floors.

On the low power mode, no debris on hard floors is pushed away.

The medium and high power modes will get you through high-pile carpets without breaking a sweat.

The shortcoming of the maximum power mode is that the vacuum will only last for about 7 minutes.

  • A superb motor provides incredible suction power
  • 60 minutes of battery life on lower power modes
  • The streamlined design maximises airflow
  • Excellent filtration because of the centrifugal force of 14 cyclones
  • ​Thoughtful accessories will deal with any floor type

  • Battery life on the highest power setting is limited
  • Expensive investment

Bissell Featherweight

Best Corded Stick Vacuum

Bissell Featherweight

Bissell Featherweight

The Featherweight from U.S.-based Bissell comes in a highly-convenient, versatile package while being a real treat to use on hard floors.

By weighing only a little over 2 kilograms, the Bissell Featherweight is not only ultra-light; it also represents tremendous value.

For the price, the versatility of this vacuum and the build-quality will convince you that it will be tough to find a better value stick vac in the market.

With the cost-effective pricing, we can see how you could easily switch to using a lightweight stick vacuum for your home in emergence cleaning sessions.

In hard surface testing, in particular floorboards, the Bissell Featherweight does a fantastic job!

Against shaggy rags, however, the vacuum had a tough time getting too much cleaning done.

Unlike most stick vacuums, however, the Bissell Featherweight is a corded machine.

Cordless vacuums have a drawback in that you have to constantly monitor battery life, which in most cases won’t be over half an hour.

This corded stick gives you the convenience of lightweight stick vacuums, while also maintaining cleaning as its priority.

By converting to a handheld, we were impressed at the various cleaning needs that this vacuum could satisfy.

A dustbin of half a litre and a 4.5-metre long cord are two features we wish were slightly better!

If your home is predominantly made of hard floors, the Featherweight is a highly affordable and versatile option!

  • Affordable pricing
  • Corded operation means you don’t have to worry about batteries
  • Ultra-lightweight at only about 2 kilos
  • Excellent hard floor performance
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum
  • The vacuum tends to struggle against high-pile carpet
  • The dust canister capacity is low at 0.5 litres

What Are The Key Considerations When Buying A Stick Vacuum?

The best things about stick vacuums are often the hardest things to find in one setting - agile movement, lightweight build and strong suction.

There may have been a time when you would have been right in assuming that lightweight stick vacuums cannot match up against bigger vacuums.

They may not look like it, but stick vacuums today have been subject to relentless innovation that makes them super powerful.

Let’s go over some of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a stick vacuum.


Because of the array of high-tech features that can be included, stick vacuums may vary wildly in prices.

Top-end models from premium brands could easily be 6 or 7 times more expensive than more affordable brands.

Our recommendation for you is to choose a durable stick vacuum that can last a while.

An Australian home can get dirty quickly, with the outdoor lifestyles we live and our love for pets.

Going for a cut-price option may leave you with more expenses in the long run!

This strategy backfires if you end up having to buy a premium stick vacuum ultimately!


While bagless vacuums are a novel idea to save on bag replacement costs, they could also be a hazard when dumping.

The dust from your vacuum could be rereleased when ejecting dust canisters.

To keep the design nimble, most stick vacuums sacrifice on the size of the dust bin. 

The capacity of the dust canister is an important consideration if you want to get a lot more cleaning done without visiting the bin.


Gone are the days when stick vacuums were scoffed at when it comes to suction power.

Newer vacuums come with supremely powerful motors. 

These newer models have innovations such as better cleaner heads, remastered airflow and powerful brush bar rotation. 

Some of the best stick vacuums also come with adjustable power modes, with some displaying frightening power in the maximum mode!

Floor Type

Decide on stick vacuums while considering the needs of your home.

If you have carpets mainly, then consider a stick vacuum with steady brush bar rotation.

Only such rotation will adequately agitate carpet fibres and get all of the stubborn dirt out.

Is your home mostly made up of hard surfaces such as floorboards or porcelain tiles?

Then you will have to focus on stick vacs with a soft brush accessory.

Softer bristles usually do not inflict too many scratches on hard surfaces.

Corded or Cordless

Cordless stick vacuums may be convenient in how you do not have to deal with cords any longer.

Corded stick vacuums, on the other hand, mean you don’t have to keep tabs on the battery.

Depending on the battery strength of the cordless stick you choose, you can get a lot more cleaning completed.

Most of the cordless stick vacuums we have come across last for between 15 - 30 minutes. 

Some high-end cordless sticks that can last for over an hour on lower power modes.

Recharging times range from between 2.5 - 4.5 hours.

If you want more flexibility with your cleaning schedule, then go for a corded stick vacuum.


A stick vacuum gets better when it becomes a more versatile cleaner.

Being able to handle staircases and car interiors is one aspect of versatility that can be introduced by handheld cleaning.

The best stick vacuum cleaners will convert to a handheld for portable, effective cleaning.


If you have allergy sufferers at home or people with severe breathing difficulties, then a stick vacuum may not be the answer.

While stick vacuums have extremely well-made filtration systems, they are almost always bagless in design.

The best kind of filtration we have seen is HEPA filtration, which can take away over 99.95% of all allergens it sucks up.

There is a larger chance for dust to re-enter your home when dumping a dustbin, than if you had to dump a vacuum bag.

While rare, some stick vacuums come with bags.

Weak filtration or improper disposal of dust will mean that the whole purpose of a vacuum cleaner is defeated.


If you have some furry companions scurrying around at home, then there will be some shedding to deal with.

The best stick vacuums have a pet hair tool to scoop up pet hair better.

Some high-end stick vacuums also send power directly to the attachment to get better cleaning results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I clean my stick vacuum filter?

How to maintain stick vacuums?

I have pets at home, will a stick vacuum be useful?

What affects airflow in stick vacuums?

Final Verdict

Getting a good stick vacuum for your home will make cleaning more convenient than you could have ever imagined!

Our list of the best stick vacuum reviews will help you to navigate a market that is getting increasingly congested.

The Dyson V11 and V10 will not come cheap, but the performance they display is something the stick vacuum market could not have dreamed of barely a decade ago.

If you are after a more cost-effective offering, then the Bissell Featherweight is an incredibly versatile cleaner for a low price.

To summarise, stick vacuums make spot cleaning super-easy as they are lightweight and agile.

Even though high-end models are pricey, they’ve only grown in popularity as they represent the best technology in the vacuum industry.


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