Which Are The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners In Australia?

Your car is a true reflection of yourself.

If you truly love your vehicle, then you will want to see it looking fresh and tidy all the time!

According to research by the University of Birmingham, the inside of an average car has about 283 different bacteria species every square centimetre!

The boot can get even dirtier, with at least 850 different types of bacteria where you keep all of your groceries!

VacuumShop has a list of the best car vacuums you can use to get all of the dust and grime out of your car!

We’ve also stated the critical factors to look at before making a decision as well as answering some commonly asked questions about car upkeep.

Let’s head to the best car vacuum cleaner reviews!

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners Australia

Car cleaning ought to be less stressful than it currently is.

The car vacuums that have made our list are top-quality machines will leave your car seats spotless and your passengers gleaming!

We’ve divided them based on the best car vacuum for pet owners, the best cheap offering and finally, the best cordless car vacuum.

Dyson V7 Trigger

Best Pet Car Vacuum

Dyson V7 Trigger

Dyson V7 Trigger

Despite the premium price tag, for cars that regularly carry pets around there are few hand vacuums as potent as the V7 Trigger, with 30 minutes of battery life, easy bin emptying and an excellent motorised tool.

The Dyson V7 Trigger is a handheld device that has excellent suction, convenient, cordless design and multiple cyclones that keep airflow inside stable.

Compared to most other handheld vacuums, the V7 Trigger is quite expensive.But when you cough up the cash, you will be getting a car vacuum that is totally worth it!

Despite the cordless operation, this handheld vacuum will last for 30 minutes in the lower power mode, which is great for a handheld vacuum.

While the maximum power mode is great for getting stubbornly embedded grime, it drops the battery life to a mere 6 minutes.

The bin emptying system is super-convenient as it follows Dyson’s famous “Point and Shoot” model.

Fifteen cyclones inside this vacuum are divided into two separate tiers so that even the most minute of allergens are separated to prevent clogging.

With a dust canister capacity of about 0.54 litres, you can get a few car cleaning sessions in before needing to empty.

The accessories with this handheld vacuum are what really makes it a game changer for your vehicle.

A mini motorised tool will dislodge even the stubbornest dust build-up, by getting enough power directly from the motor.

To get to the tightest corners on your car, there is a crevice tool included.

Pet hair won’t be difficult to get to with the use of the pet hair turbo tool!

If you can overlook the price tag, the Dyson V7 Trigger is an amazing handheld vacuum that will make your car cleaning a treat!

  • Battery life of 30 minutes on lower power modes
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy bin emptying
  • Multiple cyclones inside separate dust to prevent clogging
  • Ideal for vehicles that carry pets
  • The motorised tool provides plenty of concentrated power
  • Expensive
  • Dust canister capacity is limited
  • Battery life drops to 6 minutes on higher power modes

Black+Decker PV1820L Lithium-ion dustbuster Pivot

Best Cheap Car Vacuum

 Black+Decker PV1820L Lithium-ion dustbuster Pivot

Black+Decker PV1820L Lithium-ion dustbuster Pivot

For an extremely affordable price, the Black+Decker Lithium-ion dustbuster Pivot has an excellent pivot design, 10 minutes of battery life and an extendable crevice tool to reach where most car vacuums cannot.

Innovation can come in little packages, with the Black+Decker PV1820L Lithium-ion dustbuster Pivot a perfect testament to this fact.

This handheld vacuum from U.S.-based Black & Decker comes with a nozzle that pivots 200 degrees, to give you the flexibility to reach the most awkward spots on your car.

An extendable crevice tool helps to dig deep into the space between car seats.

For your delicate car seats, there is a soft brush to prevent any damage whatsoever in your precious vehicle.

The great thing about the lithium-ion batteries on this vacuum is that it will not compromise on suction power even when the battery is running low.

Ten minutes of battery life may not seem like a lot, but the powerful suction means you rarely have to make more than one pass!

An indicator light will start blinking 30 seconds before the battery is empty.

The one downside of this vacuum is that it takes 4 hours for the 18-volt battery to recharge completely.

Bin emptying is super simple, as you only need to open the side compartment and empty debris into your trashcan.

The dust canister has a capacity of 0.44 litres, which isn’t too impressive but is to be expected for a handheld vacuum.

This vacuum will fold in half so that you can easily store it within your car itself.

If you wanted a cute little vacuum, that comes at an affordable price, this handheld is what you need!

  • Powerful suction
  • Ground-breaking pivot design
  • The extendable crevice tool will handle spaces that most handhelds struggle with
  • Soft brushroll is great for car seats
  • Easy bin emptying
  • Affordable price
  • Limited dust canister capacity
  • Battery life of just 10 minutes
  • The battery takes 4 hours to recharge

Hoover Air BH52160PC

Best Cordless Car Vacuum

Hoover Air BH52160PC

Hoover Air BH52160PC

If you are willing to spend a little extra, the Hoover Air BH52160PC will deliver excellent suction is an ultra-lightweight package for 15 minutes of battery life.

Cordless design is always best when it comes to car cleaning.

This handheld vacuum from Hoover is one of the best cordless vacuums we have seen, although it does come with a premium price tag!

By weighing less than a kilogram, this was easily one of the lightest car vacuums we have tested.

Suction power is the name of the game, with this cordless vacuum able to remove heavily-embedded dirt and grime from the car floor.

With a Powered Turbo Tool, this vacuum is ideal for cleaning your car carpets or even if you have a carpeted staircase!

Because of the powerful suction, the 15-minute run time does not seem too bad!

One disappointing aspect of the battery, however, is that it takes a massive 9 hours to recharge completely!

An attractively designed see-through chamber is also useful in estimating when the car vacuum needs cleaning.

Filter cleaning is super easy as it is washable.

The narrow nozzle tool is an effective weapon in getting between and underneath tight spaces in your vehicle.

Despite strong suction strength, one thing about the vacuum that did not leave our testers happy is the performance against pet hair.

At 0.7 litres, the dust canister capacity on this vacuum is much larger than most handheld vacuums.

If you wanted an ultra lightweight cordless car vacuum, and have the budget to back you up, this lightweight option from Hoover needs to be inspected carefully.

  • Powerful suction
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Powered Turbo Tool is good for cleaning car carpets
  • Narrow nozzle tool
  • Washable filters
  • See-through chamber
  • Good dust canister capacity for a handheld
  • Struggles to pick up pet hair
  • Hefty price tag
  • Battery takes about 9 hours to recharge

What Do I Look For In A Car Vacuum?

Cleaning the inside of a car is never easy.

The best kind of car vacuum will have powerful suction, are easy to use and will be graceful enough to get to the tightest corners of your car interior.

Consider the following factors carefully before settling on a decision for your vehicle.


Depending on the members at home, you can get a better idea of how potent your car vacuum needs to be.

According to a U.S.-based study, cars owned by couples have more bacteria than cars owned by singles.

We have some bad news for our female readers! The same study claimed that cars owned by women have more bacteria than cars owned by men!

Perhaps it is a no-brainer that cars that transport children regularly are dirtier than cars that don’t.

Operating Radius

A cordless operation can be a big convenience when it comes to cleaning cars, to give you the portability to get to all corners.

The downside to cordless vacuums is that you have to keep an eye on the battery life.

If you want the convenience of a corded vacuum, ensure that the operating radius is sufficient.

Suction Power

We’ve already stated multiple studies that have found how dirty car interiors can be, so don’t compromise on suction power.

Cars fill up quickly with dirt and grime from dead skin cells or the underside of boots.

Going for a vacuum with powerful suction will also get all of the dirt hidden deep in corners and pockets that regular vacuums cannot reach.

Battery Life

If you have your mind set on a cordless vacuum for your car, then the battery life should be considered.

Most hand vacuums run for less than 15 minutes, but if you select a cordless vacuum that can convert to a handheld device then you can get between 30 to 60 minutes of battery life!

Keep in mind that hand vacuums take a lot lesser time to recharge compared to stick vacuums.


If you regularly take your pets on a ride with you, then your car should have pet fur to pick up as well!

Look for car vacuums that have tools for dealing specially with pet hair.


The best car vacuums have a host of accessories such as crevice nozzles or upholstery tools.

It is only with these pieces of equipment that your car vacuum can effectively get into the space between the gear stick, underneath car seats and deep in the dashboard!

Motorised attachments which can be powered will make cleaning super simple!


Typically, handheld car vacuums come cheaper than full-size cordless or cylinder vacuums with long hoses.

If you were looking at a solution for your home as well, then we would say that you spend a little.

If this is just for your car, then a handheld vacuum should do the trick!


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Final Verdict

Car vacuuming isn’t something a lot of people look forward to, but a good car vacuum can change that!

All of the car vacuums that have made VacuumShop’s best car vacuums list are excellent value for money and will make car cleaning something you look forward to!

Cars can get filthy, with research by Canada-based GAP Enviromicrobial Services saying that your car has 17,000 times more bacteria than your entire home!

If you have pets regularly in your car, the Dyson V7 Trigger is a safe bet in getting rid of stubborn pet hair!

If you have a limited budget, the Black+Decker Lithium-ion dustbuster Pivot is a cost-effective car vacuum that will deliver.

For an ultra lightweight cleaner with extremely potent suction, the Hoover BH52160PC will stretch your pockets a little.

Regardless of your choice, always keep in mind that the ideal car vacuum will be able to get to every crevice and provide enough suction to get rid of all the grime!