Which Are The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners In Australia?

If you’ve been seriously looking at the best cordless vacuums Australia currently has, you must be seriously tired of lugging around heavy vacuums!

Or perhaps you are just extremely annoyed with tripping over wires constantly!

VacuumShop has done the research you don’t have the time to and put in hundreds of hours of research to guide you in your purchase with some top cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

Cordless vacuums are the latest poster child of the vacuum industry - showcasing the technology and guile of years of research.

By 2025, the global market for cordless vacuums will reach an unprecedented $35 billion!

As cordless vacuums become the most popular brand of vacuum, major brands are innovating to produce devices with stronger battery running times and powerful suction.

Before we do anything else, let’s plunge right into the best cordless vacuums Australia reviews.

Towards the end, we have some helpful pointers on how to maintain your cordless vacuum as well as the features you need to look out for in your new cordless vacuum.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Australia

Ideally, the best cordless vacuum would have remarkably long battery life, a good dust canister capacity and powerful brush bar rotation to deal with high-pile carpets.

A truly great cordless vacuum would also have a flexible build which allows it to do above-floor cleaning as well as reach the tightest corners.

Let’s take a look at the best cordless vacuum cleaners Australia currently has, which we have divided on the basis of the best performing, best premium offering and the model with the best battery.

Bosch Athlet

Best Performing Cordless Vacuum

Bosch Athlet

Bosch Athlet

A powerful cordless vacuum that is equipped with multiple power modes, 60 minutes of battery time and an “all floor” brushbar that is great on all floors.

In a severely congested cordless vacuum marketplace, Bosch truly has built a special machine with the Athlet.

The Athlet comes in a nimble, lightweight package weighing in at only around 3 kilos.

The lithium-ion battery in this device will allow you to clean for an hour, but it is the cleaning performance that really made us believers.

On the maximum power mode, helped by a design where airflow is maximised because of the bagless feature, no debris was a match for the Athlet.

Regardless of the surface we were testing the Athlet on, it came away with flying colours.

Even pet hair that was tangled deep into carpet fibres were pulled out in just one pass-through!

The primary reason for that is the Athlet’s “all-floor” brushbar will sort out cleaning on carpets as well as hard floors.

The downside to the higher power mode, however,  is that the battery will only last for 10 minutes of cleaning in that mode.

Compared to the battery life on the maximum power mode for other premium brands, the Bosch Athlet does do marginally better.

Filtration is a bit of a disappointment with this device as it is just a standard package and nothing special like a HEPA filter.

The dust canister is pretty small as well, at just under a litre.

Despite these drawbacks, the Bosch Athlet is a truly incredible cordless vacuum and one of Bosch’s best offerings in Australia.

  • Excellent battery running time at 60 minutes
  • Power mode can be controlled
  • All-floor brushbar is exceptional for diverse floor types
  • Lightweight at about 3 kilos
  • The filtration system is nothing special
  • The dust canister capacity is limited
  • Battery only lasts for about 10 minutes on the maximum power mode

Dyson Cyclone V10

Best Premium Cordless Vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson Cyclone V10

The latest cordless stick vacuum, showcasing the most powerful motor Dyson has ever built and 60 minutes of battery time.

Dyson has gotten so good at cordless vacuums that the company is pivoting its operations in a way to focus entirely on the cordless market.

While the Dyson V6 and V8 launched the brand in the mind space of Australians looking for a cordless vacuum, the Dyson V10 is truly something else.

With the most powerful motor Dyson has made for any vacuum ever, the V10 provides suction power usually reserved for heavy upright vacuums.

The suction power is also down to one great innovation in engineering by the folks at Dyson.

The team has aligned the powerful motor with the multiple cyclones and the bin, creating a streamlined design where airflow is maximised!

Those multiple cyclones also help make the filtration system in the V10 top-class!

Compared to the V8, the battery life on the V10 is 60 minutes versus 40 minutes on the V8.

The V10’s dust canister is also 40% bigger than the canister on the V8.

The soft roller cleaner in the vacuum head of the V10 does a great job in picking up fine dust from carpets as well as large debris from hard floors.

We found that all floor types could be cleaned by alternating between the power modes.

On the lowest power mode, we could ensure that no debris is pushed away on hard floors such as wooden floorboards or porcelain tiles.

By alternating between the medium and high power mode on carpets, thin as well as thick-pile carpets had to yield before the suction of the Dyson V10.

The drawback of the high power mode is that the V10 will only last for 7 minutes, the silver lining being that you will rarely have to use that mode!

The price can be overwhelming, but for the performance and features in store, it sure isn’t overpriced!

  • An excellent motor provides superb suction power
  • An hour of battery life on lower power modes
  • The design maximises airflow for prolonged suction power
  • Excellent filtration
  • Does a great job on all floor types
  • Battery life on the maximum power mode is low
  • Expensive

Bissell MultiReach XL

Best Battery Cordless Vacuum

Bissell MultiReach XL

Bissell MultiReach XL

One of the best battery running times, as well as the ability to convert to handheld mode, make this cordless beauty an essential for homes looking for a convenient cleaner.

With a staggering 95 minutes of battery life, Bissell’s MultiReach XL has blown away the rest of the cordless vacuum competition!

To perfectly compliment the battery life, the MultiReach XL also has a lightweight design weighing in at under 3 kilos.

The one drawback for that excellent battery life is that it takes about four hours to recharge the 36-volt battery completely.

We loved the degree of portability this vacuum gives us, as it can be converted to a handheld device or even folded to reach underneath a sofa!

The maximum power mode, coupled with edge bristles, will get dust dislodged no matter where it is!

The motorised brush roll is a nice touch as well and makes cleaning easy!

The dust canister emptying system on the MultiReach XL is quite remarkable as well.

In our tests, however, this vacuum did struggle a little when it came to thick-pile shaggy carpets with long carpet fibres.

We were also left wishing that the dust canister was a little bigger than a paltry 0.6 litres!

Either way, considering the battery life and the handheld features as well as flexible design, this Bissell vacuum is an immense machine!

  • Outstanding battery life at 95 minutes
  • Lightweight at only about 3 kilos
  • Motorised brushroll
  • Easy dust canister emptying
  • Foldable design
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum
  • Recharging time is 4 hours
  • The vacuum has a tendency to struggle against thick carpet
  • The dust canister capacity is low at 0.6 litres

What Features Should I Look For In A Cordless Vacuum?

When you look at the nimble and lightweight build of cordless vacuums, you could be left wondering if they really could be adequate.

Cordless stick vacuums may not typically look like it, but ceaseless innovation means that these vacuums sure do pack a punch!

Let’s discuss the most important factors in detail.

Battery Life

Cordless vacuums can exist without a cord because of battery power.

Depending on the strength of the battery within your cordless vacuum, you can get more cleaning done.

Lithium-ion batteries, which can also be found in your smartphones, are typically being employed in cordless vacuums to improve their running time.

The advantage lithium-ion batteries have is that they also charge quite fast.

Most cordless vacuums last between 20-45 minutes depending on the power mode you are operating it on.

Some high-end brands have started producing cordless vacuums that can last from 60-100 minutes!

With limited running time, however, you don’t want to have to wait for a long time while your vacuum recharges.

Technology has only gotten so far that most cordless vacuums take between 2-3 hours to recharge completely, at best.


Depending on the features in store, the prices of cordless vacuums can swing wildly.

You could spend close to a grand on some of the top-end models while spending a tenth of that price on budget brands!

If you want a top-quality device that lasts for a while, VacuumShop believes that you may have to part with over $300 of your hard-earned money (if not more!).

Going for a budget offering may leave you with higher costs in the long run as the battery life and suction could be seriously underwhelming.


With the devices being so nimble there was a time when cordless vacuums could not even stand up to the power on display from upright and cylinder vacuums.

That time has passed.

With increasingly powerful motors as well as innovations in design that have improved airflow, many cordless vacuums now have the power your home needs for its cleaning needs.

To drive the point home, some of the best cordless vacuums now come with multiple power modes where you can effectively deal with even the most stubbornly lodged dirt.

Dust Canister Capacity

In order to maintain a lightweight design, most cordless vacuums come with a bagless design.

Bagless vacuums are a pretty convenient feature, especially if you detest the idea of spending continually on replacement bags!

If you have a large home with a lot of cleaning to be done, keep an eye on the capacity of the dust canister.

If it is too small you could be annoyed at the number of trips you are having to make to the bin to empty the vacuum.


Do you have any members at home that have severe breathing difficulties or acute dust allergies?

Most cordless vacuums are bagless - which can be a complication.

There is a higher propensity for the dust that is captured to re-enter the environment of your home when emptying a dust canister, than if you had a bagged vacuum.

If you really do love the convenience a cordless vacuum entails, keep an eye out for a bagged cordless vacuum.


Filtration systems in some cordless vacuums are so comprehensive that you really couldn’t go wrong.

Keep an eye out for HEPA filtration, which is generally considered the best as it can take away 99.95% of all dust particles and allergens it comes across.

Weak filtration means that all of the minute dust particles remain in your home and defeats the purpose of even having a vacuum cleaner in the first place!

For people that suffer from allergies or breathing difficulties, proper filtration is essential for health.


Got a few furry friends at home, constantly running around and shedding fur all over the place?

Keep an eye out for cordless vacuums that have pet hair attachments that will effectively scoop up all pet hair.

Some cordless vacuums will also allow you to send power directly to your pet tool attachment, for extra comprehensive cleaning!

Floor Type

Carpets require strong rotating brush bar which can pull out debris from the long fibres of your carpet.

If you have a home with hard floors mainly, then look for a cordless vacuum with a brush bar that can have its rotation switched off.

Also, look for a vacuum with a soft brush roll as softer bristles will not do too much damage to your hard floors!


Long winding staircases sure do look pretty, but they can be a nightmare to clean.

Your cordless vacuum will need to be ultra-lightweight, portable and flexible to effectively get stair cleaning done.

The ideal cordless vacuum for stairs will drive deep into carpet fibres with a rotating brush bar or have adjustable power for wooden staircases so that debris doesn’t get pushed around!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to maintain cordless vacuums?

What affects airflow in cordless vacuums?

I have pets at home, will a cordless vacuum be a problem?

How often should I clean my cordless vacuum filter?

​​Final Verdict

We hope that we have satisfied every question you may have regarding the cordless vacuums market in Australia.

By all means, our list of the best cordless vacuum cleaner reviews in Australia should be taken as a reliable reference point before you make any purchasing decision.

The Dyson V10 may be an expensive investment, but the features are unparalleled in the cordless vacuum market.

The “all-floor” brushbar on the Bosch Athlet makes it an effective cleaner on all floor types.

If you wanted battery life, the 95 minutes of cleaning you can get done with the Bissell MultiReach XL is hard to beat!

To summarise, cordless vacuums make cleaning super-simple because of their light weight and lack of cords.

They may be expensive, but their growing popularity is a testament to what a great piece of technology they are.