Which Are The Best Cylinder Vacuums In Australia?

Cylinder vacuums have nurtured an image of being powerful cleaners with great suction as well as excellent maneuverability.

Although they may look unassuming, these vacuums typically have an excellent cleaning radius and are ideal for reaching awkward spots.

Increased maneuverability in cylinder vacuums is achieved by keeping the dust bag or canister away from the vacuum head with a long hose.

With the hose much more flexible, you can easily clean staircases and hard-to-reach corners.

To make your job easier, VacuumShop has listed our best cylinder vacuum cleaner reviews.

We also answer some commonly asked questions about cylinder vacuums as well as the critical factors to look at before making a purchase!

Let’s jump right into discussing the best cylinder vacuums in Australia!

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners Australia 

Although it is essential to go for a cylinder vacuum that has incredible suction power, it unfortunately was a rarity in most of the vacuums we had a chance of test.

The cylinder vacuums that have made it to our list of the best in Australia are high-quality machines which pack a real punch.

As you muddle through an increasingly congested market, it will be useful to make use of VacuumShop’s recommendation when deciding for your home.

We’ve divided the best vacuums we came across based on the price range, going from the best premium and mid-range offering, to the best cheap cylinder vacuum we could find!

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

Best Premium Cylinder Vacuum

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

No filters mean no maintenance on this barrel vacuum, with Cinetic Technology to separate even the most minute dust particles.

The primary attraction for people that are willing to invest in this premium-priced vacuum from Dyson is that there is no maintenance involved!

Because of the lack of any filters in this machine, there is no need to check if the filter is clogged.

To make up for not having a filter, this vacuum employs ground-breaking Cinetic technology.

It is this technology that helps separate microscopic dust particles, preventing the vacuum from ever getting clogged.

Dyson continues to make the process of emptying a vacuum easier than downing some duck soup, with you only needing to press a button!

Dyson’s founder, James Dyson began as an inventor, and one of his first patented inventions was called a “ball-barrow”.

It is essentially a wheelbarrow reinvented, with a ball instead of a wheel for easier maneuverability.

This vacuum from Dyson comes with a ball instead of a wheel as well, making those tight corners around furniture and underneath stairwells easier to navigate.

The wand of this vacuum can rotate in a full circle, making cleaning at home versatile.

If this vacuum ever falls over, it will interestingly prop itself back up!

Excellent accessories such as a Carbon fibre turbine floor tool, will pick up fine debris on both carpets and floors, while a Musclehead floor tool will seal suction across floor types.

The vacuum can automatically sense when you move across floor types and will adjust the suction accordingly!

We found this vacuum a little on the noisy side though.

The price of this cutting-edge cylinder vacuum may seem a roadblock, but the performance is unparalleled.

  • No filters mean no maintenance
  • Cinetic technology ensures that no clogging takes place
  • Accessories such as a turbine floor tool and a Musclehead floor tool will seal suction
  • The vacuum will pick itself up if it falls over
  • Ball design lends easy maneuverability
  • Automatically adjusts to floor type
  • Steep price
  • Noisy

Numatic Henry Hoover HVR200

Best Mid-Range Cylinder Vacuum

Henry Hoover HVR200

Numatic Henry Hoover HVR200

The original Henry Hoover vacuum that is equipped with a conical hose for better airflow, a massive dust-bag and Henry Hoover’s own TriTex filters

British-based Henry Hoover vacuums have long captured the popular imagination, with their vacuums that come with smiling faces and excellent suction.

The HVR200 is the latest version of a vacuum that has been immensely popular for decades.

With a conical hose to maximise suction through better airflow and a brand-new vacuum head, you will not be disappointed when it comes to suction power.

By making use of only about 620 watts of power, we loved that this vacuum is so energy-efficient!

It also makes the vacuum remarkably quiet!

Considering the huge rise in energy prices in Australia over the past ten years, we love that Henry Hoover made a powerful machine without compromising on efficiency standards.

With a humongous 9-litre dust bag, you won’t have to empty the insides for a few weeks at least!

With two distinctive power modes, you can easily clean both hard surfaces as well as carpets.

We found that the lower power setting was great on hardwood floors while the higher power setting will clean even thick-pile carpets.

Filtration on this vacuum is guaranteed by Henry Hoover’s own TriTex filters, which use three layers of filtration.

The HepaFlo bags are made with great material that ensures dust entering the vacuum is sealed tightly inside.

The automatic retracting feature on the power cord is especially useful, considering that the cord is 10 metres long!

This is a heavy vacuum, however, and not the best option for homes that need to get staircase cleaning done.

  • Conical hoses provide excellent airflow and generate powerful suction
  • An energy-efficient device that only uses 620 watts of power
  • Massive dust-bag capacity, with HepaFlo bags effectively sealing all dust collected
  • Silent operation
  • Long cord
  • TriTex filters provide excellent filtration
  • Not mobile enough for staircase cleaning
  • Heavyweight

Vax Power 5 Pet

Best Cheap Cylinder Vacuum

Vax Power 5 Pet

Vax Power 5 Pet

With good dust canister capacity, this 2,000-watt beast is compact as well.

Vax is famed for their upright vacuums, but with this vacuum they prove they can also make a mean cylinder vacuum.

With the presence of a turbo tool to pick up pet hair, this vacuum was made with the needs of pet owners in mind.

Despite coming in an affordable package, we appreciated that Vax went to the lengths of ensuring that the vacuum came with top-quality HEPA filtration.

With cyclonic technology, as well as 2,000 watts of power coursing through, this vacuum is no pushover.

That level of wattage, however, means that your vacuum is not exactly the most energy-efficient cylinder vacuum you can find.

Powerful suction also comes at the price of being a noisy vacuum.

A dust canister capacity of 2.5 litres isn’t particularly great, but it does get a few rounds of intensive cleaning in, before needing to be emptied.

A short cord of only 6 metres is a tad annoying.

With a hose that extends 2 metres, the cleaning radius could have been better.

For the affordable price, however, we can almost definitely guarantee that you will have a tough time finding a more powerful cylinder vacuum.

  • Cyclonic technology and wattage create powerful suction
  • Affordable price
  • Dust canister capacity is adequate
  • Lightweight at under 5 kilos
  • HEPA filtration
  • Not really a quiet machine
  • Cleaning radius could have been better
  • Not energy-efficient

What Do I Look For In A Cylinder Vacuum?

Cylinder vacuums come in a variety of sizes, weight statures, features as well as suction power.

Some cylinder vacuums focus on cleaning performance while some others focus on the ease of use.

We’ve broken down some of the most significant factors that should be considered before making a purchase decision.

Suction Power

Cylinder vacuums usually do not have specially engineered brushes that are motorised for extra power.

Cylinder vacuums also have long hoses.

For these reasons, it is important to keep an eye out for cylinder vacuums which pack a real punch in suction power.

Suction power often depends on the efficiency of the motor as well as the airflow design of the vacuum.


For increased versatility in your home cleaning experience, go for a cylinder vacuum with diverse tools.

These tools can be attached to the vacuum head via the hose and will help turn your cylinder vacuum to an all-around cleaner.

Filtration System

For homes with people that have severe dust allergies or breathing difficulties, the filtration in their vacuum cleaner is critical.

Cylinder vacuums often rely on powerful suction to get the job done.

The great suction will suck up a lot of dust, but if the filtration system is poor, then your cylinder vacuum practically is a dust blower.

VacuumShop recommends that you keep an eye out for cylinder vacuums with HEPA filtration, as we see they usually have the best success in capturing allergens.

Operating Radius

This is one avenue where most cylinder vacuums are winners, as the dust containers are detached from the main hose.

The bigger the cleaning radius of your cylinder vacuum, the quicker you can clean each room at home.

A greater cleaning radius also means that you can do staircase cleaning faster, as well as reach crevices more easily.


The whole point of cylinder vacuums is that they be compact enough to reach places that upright vacuums usually cannot.

Choosing a heavy cylinder vacuum will defeat that purpose, so go for something in the 3 - 5 kilogram range.

Energy Efficiency

To ensure that there is enough suction power to travel across the hose and pick up dust, some cylinder vacuums from certain brands come with very high wattage.

Although you may gain in suction power, the energy efficiency gets taken to the cleaners.

In a country like Australia with energy prices that are skyrocketing, keeping your large appliances energy-efficient is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are cylinder vacuums a great option for all homes?

Are cylinder vacuums a great option for all homes?

My home has carpets mostly, are cylinder vacuums a good option?

Final Verdict

Cylinder vacuums are intended to be easy to use because of a compact design and powerful suction.

Although they historically have not been suitable for larger homes or carpets, newer varieties of cylinder vacuums are changing that image.

When VacuumShop chose our pick of the best cylinder vacuums, we considered the price, suction power, accessories included and the capacity of the dust bag or canister.

We also took into consideration the length of the cord, operating radius as well as the filtration system.

From our tests, we could ascertain that the best performing cylinder vacuum was the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball, though it comes with a premium price tag.

For a more mid-range offering, check out the Henry Hoover HVR200.

If you are on a tight budget, you cannot go wrong with the Vax Power Pet 5.

Regardless of your budget, remember the basic principles that attracted you to a cylinder vacuum in the first place - the convenience and power.