Which Are The Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners In Australia?

Industrial vacuums are extremely powerful cleaners that are meant to suck up more dust and debris than home vacuums.

Typically, most industrial vacuums for Australian businesses need to be able to suck up spills as well as vacuum floors thoroughly.

Having a potent industrial vacuum cleaner at your business premises could help with first impressions by keeping your factory floor or reception area spotless!

VacuumShop has put in several hundred hours of testing in order to provide our readers with some of the best industrial vacuum cleaner reviews.

We’ve also talked about what to look out for before making a business investment in vacuums as well as answered some common queries business owners have about industrial vacuums.

Let’s head into understanding the best industrial vacuum cleaners around then!

Best Industrial Vacuums Australia

Has your business been on the lookout for a vacuum that is more powerful and durable than a standard cylinder or upright vacuum?

Does your business constantly have to clean up wet spills along with vacuuming floors?

The best industrial vacuums we could find in Australia can handle those needs for your business.

We divided the top industrial vacuums based on the best wet and dry vacuum, the best industrial upright and the top cheap commercial offering we could find!

Nilfisk AERO 26-21 PC

Best Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum

Nilfisk AERO 26-21

Nilfisk AERO 26-21 PC

Unlike most other wet and dry vacuums that are made for commercial properties, the Nilfisk AERO Wet and Dry vacuum is a nimble, compact cleaner that is also somewhat quiet in operation.

The versatility of this vacuum from Denmark-based Nilfisk is what made us conclude that this vacuum may be the best wet and dry industrial vacuum.

In our tests, we ran the vacuum over dry debris such as sawdust, regular carpet fluff and pet hair.

We also looked at whether this vacuum could suck up dirty water and even spilt ink!

In all of our tests, the Nilfisk AERO 26-21 came out as a comprehensive winner!

A massive dust canister capacity of 14.5 litres for wet spills and an extra 15 litres for dry debris, is an excellent selling point for large businesses with a lot of cleaning needs.

The extremely potent motor inside this vacuum is the reason why the suction is so strong.

The filters on this Nilfisk vacuum are always well maintained as the “Push and Clean” system will do it for you!

If you want to ensure the cleanliness of your filter which is made up of fleece, they can also be removed and washed easily.

Emptying the vacuum is easy as it only involves the tipping of the dust container.

While 9 kilograms does not make this a lightweight vacuum by home standards, for businesses, however, that is almost lightweight!

We wish the vacuum also gave businesses an option to shampoo carpets and deliver an all-encompassing cleaning experience.

We were also slightly miffed that the power cord is only five metres long!

By generating only 64 decibels during operation, this industrial vacuum is a quiet operator, which your customers will surely appreciate!

With a large dust and spill capacity, powerful suction and compact design, this vacuum cleaner is an excellent option for Australian businesses!

  • Excellent suction
  • Easy filter cleaning by the “Push and Clean” system
  • The emptying system is simple to operate
  • Massive capacity for handling dry debris and wet spills
  • Extremely low noise operation
  • Short power cord
  • Heavy at 9 kilograms
  • No carpet shampooing


Best Industrial Upright Vacuum



A lot of industrial vacuums are cylinder vacuums instead of upright vacuums because of more manoeuvrability or larger dust canisters.

Upright vacuums such as the SEBO BS360, however, are looking to change that image.

With a 36-centimetre cleaning head, this upright is made to get the cleaning done quickly.

A twin motor inside provides enough suction power to effectively clean up large swathes of both carpeted and hard floor.

We loved how the BS360 could easily get underneath large machinery or furniture by laying flat on the floor!

As a bagged vacuum, we were concerned that the bag filling up would seriously affect the airflow and suction of the vacuum.

The makers of the SEBO BS360, however, already thought about that.

Their bags will only allow dust to enter from the top, which ensures that airflow is not sacrificed.

The bags are also completely sealed when disposing of, preventing customers or employees from suffering dust allergies or breathing difficulties!

Driving the point home for allergy-sufferers is the HEPA filtration in this device, which can capture up to 99.95% of dust particles.

This vacuum also has multiple height adjustments available, for you to change according to the thickness of the carpet or the hard floor.

A quick-release flap at the bottom of the vacuum head will allow you to access the suction pathway and clear any blockages, without unscrewing the whole thing!

A 12-metre long power cord is also a nice touch!

A dust bag capacity of five litres isn’t particularly bad, but businesses with a lot of cleaning to be regularly done should choose a vacuum with a larger dust capacity.

At nearly 8 kilograms, this vacuum is a heavyweight for an upright vacuum.

For practical use, this SEBO vacuum from Germany-based Stein & Co is hard to beat when it comes to commercial vacuum cleaning needs.

  • Extremely powerful suction from twin motors
  • Height adjustment makes it ideal for different floor types
  • Can lay flat on the floor
  • Large cleaning surface for the vacuum head
  • Easy vacuum access from the quick-release flap on the vacuum head
  • HEPA filtration
  • Top-fill dust bags will ensure suction is not affected
  • Dust bag capacity could have been bigger
  • Heavy at nearly 8 kilograms

Vax VCC-08A

Best Cheap Industrial Vacuum

Vax VCC-08A

Vax VCC-08A

If you were looking for a lightweight, bagged vacuum for your business, the Vax VCC-08A is an excellent option.

The best part of buying a Vax VCC-08A, however, is the low price that will conserve the bottom line of your business.

The vacuum also showcases a top-notch filtration system as well as an “anti-tip” design which is easy to empty.

A 9-litre dust bag capacity can get plenty of cleaning done, while a quiet motor barely produces 70 decibels of sound.

We also loved that the vacuum weighs less than 5 kilograms, which is a rarity when it comes to industrial vacuums.

A 12.5-metre long power cord will make cleaning of large spaces, such as a warehouse floor, easy to tackle.

The long power cord does not make the fact that the hose length is only 2.5 metres, too big a problem.

One area where this vacuum faced some difficulties in the tests we put it through, was on plush carpets with thick carpet fibres.

With quiet cleaning and powerful suction, this industrial vacuum provides tremendous value for money.

  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight at under 5 kilos
  • Massive dust bag capacity
  • Anti-tip design will prevent your vacuum from tripping over itself
  • Comprehensive filtration
  • Struggles against thick-pile carpets
  • Short hose length

What Factors Are Essential When Choosing An Industrial Vacuum?

Although they are often less convenient to store or push around, industrial vacuums are often much more powerful and durable than typical vacuums.

More often than not, the cleaning tasks faced by a business is much more difficult than those faced by a home.

Versatility is a key factor when deciding upon an industrial vacuum for your business.

Let’s inspect some other vital factors!

Suction Power

Suction power is the crucial distinction between industrial and home vacuums.

Strong suction power is vital for businesses as it saves a company the labour time and energy costs spent on going over a patch once again.

Suction strength depends on the design of the vacuum, the motor within and the airflow generated inside.

Simply going for a vacuum with a high wattage rating will not ensure that the suction will be powerful!


Industrial vacuums in a frantic setting, such as a business, need to have a durable design.

Vacuums that cannot cut it will be ground down and worn out in a few months, making your investment futile.

Keep an eye out for models that last a while.


The cleaning area that an industrial vacuum has to cover is much more than a home vacuum ever has to.

For all of the dust it picks up, it is convenient to have a massive dust bag or dust canister to avoid spending excessive time just emptying the machine.

The larger the dust canister, the less time your business wastes in emptying.


Powerful mechanisms and potent motors often mean that industrial vacuums are loud machines!

If your business regularly requires cleaning during business hours, consider a vacuum with low noise so as to not scare away your potential customers!

For businesses that require vacuuming only at the end of the day, the noise levels should not be an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Use A Bagged or Bagless Vacuum For My Business?

Which Is The Best Type Of Industrial Vacuum?

Final Verdict

For the needs of a business, more often than not, regular vacuums just can’t get a satisfactory job done.

If you start using an industrial vacuum, you will be surprised at the awesome transformation of your business when it comes to cleanliness.

If your business can overlook some inconveniences from industrial vacuums, these machines will prove themselves to be a great investment, by lasting for years.

For a low-cost option, the Vax VCC-08A is an impressive cleaner, though not too suitable for businesses with thick carpets!

If you wanted a versatile wet and dry vacuum that can suck up dry sawdust as well as spilt milk, then the Nilfisk AERO should be inspected carefully.

If you wanted an extremely powerful upright vacuum, with excellent design and height adjustment to suit different floor types, the SEBO BS360 is a top industrial vacuum.

Regardless of your choice, an industrial vacuum for your business ought to be powerful and take a no-nonsense approach to cleaning.