Which Are The Best Upright Vacuums in Australia?

Upright vacuums are an excellent option for homes that would like a powerful and versatile cleaner.

It is important to carefully inspect the upright vacuum you spend your money on as the quality between certain brands can vary wildly!

VacuumShop is here to aid you in that decision-making process by listing the best upright vacuums currently available in Australia.

We also go on to state the most important factors to inspect in good upright vacuums and answer some common queries we get from upright vacuum owners.

Let’s get right into it then!

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners Australia 

All of the upright vacuums that have made our list of best upright vacuums in Australia are powerful machines that excel in cleaning up comprehensively.

As there were hundreds of upright vacuums to choose from in an incredibly congested market, you should know that the ones that made our list are exceptional devices.

We’ve divided them on the basis of the best lightweight upright, the best cheap offering and the overall best performer.

Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch

Best Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch

Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch

With a staggering 17-metre long cord, this powerful vacuum has an eco-friendly motor and a tool for cleaning mattresses.

This upright vacuum has something going for it that most upright vacuums don’t - it is lightweight.

With a weight of under 5 kilograms, this Vax upright vacuum is a great option for people that have backaches or arm injuries.

Multi-cyclonic technology, where cyclone inside the vacuum separate fine dust particles and larger debris, ensures that suction power is never lost.

We were also highly impressed with the cleaning radius on this vacuum as it has a power cord over 17 metres long!

If you wanted to visualise, that’s roughly four adult anacondas stretched out!

We definitely can see how people can get a lot of cleaning done before having to switch power outlets.

Aussies conscious about the carbon footprint they are leaving behind will be incredibly happy with the eco-friendly motor in this beast.

Pet owners will find the turbo tool attachment as an essential item in picking up pet hair. The attachment did very well in our pet hair tests.

Did you know that your mattresses are often the dirtiest items at your home as they often contain dead skin cells?

A mattress nozzle with this vacuum will take care of that!

The dust canister capacity of 1.5 litres, however, does leave a lot to be desired as you could find yourself regularly emptying this bagless upright vacuum.

If you were looking out for a lightweight upright vacuum, then the cleaning range and affordable cost of this vacuum from Vax could be what you needed.

  • Powerful suction from multi-cyclonic technology
  • Turbo tool attachment makes this vacuum an ideal option for pet owners
  • Extremely long cord
  • Lightweight at under 5 kilos
  • Excellent nozzles included
  • Eco-friendly motor
  • No detachable cylinder for easy cleaning
  • Limited dust canister capacity

Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum

Best Cheap Upright Vacuum

Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum

Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum

A powerful, yet affordable upright vacuum that is equipped with a motorised head for better carpet cleaning and with a 2.4-metre extending wand.

This unique upright vacuum also found a place in VacuumShop’s list of best vacuums in Australia.

In many ways, this vacuum represents all of the best parts of the world-famous Hoover brand.

It is also an incredibly affordable vacuum and was, by all means, the cheapest upright vacuum that made our list of best vacuums.

Just to start, this upright vacuum will convert to a handheld device for easier cleaning of tight spaces.

A motorised power head on this vacuum will lift fibres on your carpet and dislodge deeply embedded grime and debris.

We also loved that you could easily switch between carpeted surfaces to hard floors with the simple press of a switch.

The pet tool attachment makes pet hair easy pickings for the powerful suction in this vacuum.

We were, however, disappointed that the pet tool attachment can only be fit in when this upright vacuum is converted to handheld mode.

The wand on this vacuum can be extended up to 2.5 metres to reach underneath furniture easily.

That comes in handy, especially considering that the cord is quite short at only 6 metres!

It is also not the quietest upright we have come across.

As far as budget options go, you will have a tough time finding a better value-for-money upright vacuum in Australia!

  • Affordable price
  • Easily adjusts to floor type with a flick of a switch
  • Converts to handheld mode
  • Pet tool attachment makes it a good option for homes with pets
  • Motorised head technology makes carpet cleaning easy
  • The wand can be extended to 2.4 metres for reaching underneath furniture
  • Slightly noisy
  • Short power cord
  • The pet tool can only be used in the handheld mode

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away

Best Performing Upright Vacuum

Sark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away

One of Australia’s best upright vacuums, this quiet machine can be detached for easy cleaning and is excellent on all floor types.

Another upright vacuum that is really impressive and has made our list of the best vacuums you can find in Australia.

Shark’s famous DuoClean technology makes an appearance, allowing your upright to clean both carpeted surfaces and hard floors.

The DuoClean technology comes with a hard bristle brush to thoroughly clean thick carpets while a soft brushroll will leave your floors looking polished.

This upright vacuum has an excellent filtration system, making it an ideal option for people with allergies.

Our team of reviewers noted how easy it is to manoeuvre this vacuum and also how quiet it is when going about its duties.

There is an immense Anti-Allergen filtration system as well as the always-excellent HEPA filtration.

The dominant feature of this upright, however, is the Powered Lift-Away technology when it converts to handheld mode.

The technology will allow your vacuum to send power directly to your brushroll in handheld mode, making handheld cleaning extremely effective.

If you attach the pet multi-tool accessory as well, you will be able to get pet hair out of your carpet easily.

This vacuum, however, does come with a hefty price tag.

A dust canister capacity of only about a litre is a big disappointment.

  • Lift-away technology
  • Extra power to attachments in handheld mode
  • DuoClean technology helps to transition excellently from carpet to floor cleaning
  • Excellent filtration because of the presence of an anti-allergen filter plus a HEPA filter
  • Accessory for pet hair included
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum
  • Steep price
  • Low capacity dust canister

What Should I Be Looking At Before Purchasing An Upright Vacuum?

Upright vacuums are widely varied in features and price as you move between brands.

Ideally, the top upright vacuum will have excellent suction power, easy manoeuvrability as well as the ability to clean both carpeted surfaces as well as hard floors.

Let’s take a look at the most distinctive features that you need to look out for to ensure you make a great purchase for your home.

Carpet Performance

If your home is predominantly carpeted, then there are more than a few upright vacuums that are right for you.

Look out for upright vacuums with rotating brush bars on the vacuum head as only they do a good job of stirring up debris from carpet fibres.

Hard Floor Performance

If your home is mainly made of laminated floors, porcelain tiles or even wooden floorboards, then you need an upright vacuum which has a soft brush roll.

Brushes with soft bristles ensure that debris is not pushed away on hard floors and also maintains your hard floors without scratching it.

Even if it is not possible to find an upright vacuum with a soft bristle brush, look out for a vacuum where the rotation of the brush bar can be slowed down or stopped.

Staircase Cleaning

This is an obvious area where most heavy upright vacuums fail big time.

To combat that weakness, however, many brands now allow you the option to detach a part of the upright vacuum.

By doing so, you can carry the portable unit up and down your stairs as you clean it.

If you have staircases, look for upright vacuums that have this kind of “lift-off” technology.

Your Stamina and Strength

Upright vacuums are rarely light machines, often weighing between 7 - 12 kilograms.

If you have a history of back problems, arm sprains and generally detest pushing something heavy around, upright vacuums probably aren’t for you.

Cleaning is a hard enough job without it being a physically challenging task as well!


Were you interested in upright vacuums but have pets at home?

In order to combat the pet hair that will inevitably be shed, go for an upright vacuum with a pet tool attachment.

If such an upright vacuum is not an option, look for an upright with a rotating brush bar to agitate carpet fibres and dislodge stubbornly entangled pet hair.


This is an important thing to check for if you have members at home with severe breathing difficulties or dust allergies.

The powerful suction on upright vacuums will suck up a lot of dust.

If the filtration is poor, then vacuums practically turn into dust blowers!

Keep an eye out for HEPA filtration, which is one of the best kind of filters around.

Capturing allergens is an essential part of maintaining a hygienic home.

Opting for a bagged upright instead of a bagless model will also reduce the risk of dust re-entering the home environment during dust canister emptying.

Dust Capacity

Upright vacuums are powerful machines that suck up a lot of dust, grime, hair and debris.

You would want to make sure that the upright vacuum you choose for your home has a large dust canister or dust bag.

The larger the capacity of your canister or dust bag, the less often you will have to empty the insides.

Power Outlets

If you are opting for a large upright vacuum, it most probably is a corded machine.

If you don’t have too many power outlets in each room or just can’t be bothered to keep reconnecting as you move along, simply opt for an upright vacuum with a long cord.

This may seem like a minor annoyance, but it could be the difference between you enjoying the idea of cleaning or completely hating it!


Powerful suction and cyclones to redesign airflow often mean one simple thing.

More often than not, upright vacuums are loud machines.

Keep an eye out for quiet vacuums that produce decibel levels around 65 - 75 dB.

Anything above 100 decibels is equivalent to a helicopter or a chainsaw!

Final Verdict

Upright vacuum cleaners are a versatile option in home cleaning as they are easy to use and powerful.

Consider all of the unique needs of your home before making a decision as there is a large swathe of options available in the upright vacuum market.

If we wanted a quick recommendation on our pick for best performer, the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away is right up there with the best.

If you want affordable options, the Hoover Essential Upright and the Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch are what you need.

The Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch vacuum is also an extremely quiet operator for an upright vacuum!

Before making a purchase, go for a choice that displays strong suction power, is easy to steer and can clean different kinds of surfaces.