Which Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair In Australia?

You may not necessarily know this, but Australia has one of the largest pet ownership rates on the planet!

In fact, over 62% of all homes in Australia have at least one pet!

It is, therefore, no surprise that many vacuum cleaner brands have devoted themselves to cleaning up pet hair.

For an average vacuum cleaner without accessories for picking up fur, pet hair can be a nightmare.

If you have a pet at home, you'll know how crucial it is to buy a vacuum especially crafted for cleaning up after them.

VacuumShop has reviewed what we believe to be the best pet vacuums in Australia today.

We also discuss what you need to look out for when making a pet vacuum purchase and even answer some common queries pet owners have when it comes to cleaning.

Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner Australia

Gone are the days when pet owners were left scratching their heads at all of the furs their pets seem to leave behind!

Today in Australia, there are some truly magnificent pet vacuums available for purchase, crafted for all of the needs of your furry friends.

We have divided them on the basis of the best performing, best bagged and the most high-tech pet vacuum around!

Dyson Ball DC65 Animal

Best Performing Pet Vacuum

Best Dyson Pet Vacuum Dyson Ball DC65 Animal

Dyson Ball DC65 Animal

A powerful upright vacuum that is equipped with Cyclonic Technology, a self-adjusting vacuum head and one of the top pet vacuums around.

This pet vacuum from British-based Dyson is an upright vacuum equipped with technology that recalibrate airflow inside the vacuum.

The tech is called “Radial Root Cyclone”, and is the mechanism which helps the Dyson from ever losing its suction power.

All of the pet hair your Ball DC65 Animal collects can be easily disposed of with a simple to employ canister emptying system.

The founder of Dyson, initially made his name for reinventing the wheelbarrow.

The invention was called the “ballbarrow” and used a ball in the front instead of the wheel for easy manoeuvrability.

The same technology is used in this vacuum as well, giving it a distinctive look and earning it the "Ball" name.

Our testing team found that the ball really made a difference in helping with steering this upright vacuum in tight corners or around furniture.

This vacuum has a self-adjusting head which will adjust to the type of floor in your home, picking up pet hair on floorboards or carpet.

Excellent filtration is the cherry on the cake, with washable HEPA filters on this beast of a vacuum.

A major drawback with the Ball DC65 is, that at over 11 kilograms, this is a heavy vacuum.

The fact that there is a quick release hose with a wand that can be extended, this really isn’t too big an issue.

We do wish that the dust canister was a little bigger than 2 litres, but it’s not an unforgivable mistake!

Like all Dyson models, this too comes with a premium price tag. 

  • Self-adjusting floorhead
  • Redesigned airflow creates powerful suction
  • Easy to maneuver
  • HEPA filtration
  • Washable filters
  • Heavy to carry around
  • Expensive
  • Dust canister could have been larger

Hoover React Professional Pet Plus

Best Technology Pet Vacuum

Best Hoover Pet Vacuum Hoover REACT

Hoover React Professional Pet Plus

A hi-tech upright vacuum which automatically senses floor type to adjust brushbar rotation and can be controlled with your smartphone.

Cutting-edge is taken to a whole new level with this vacuum from Hoover.

FloorSense technology helps the vacuum know exactly when it is going over hard floors and when it has switched to carpets.

The important part is that as soon as the floor type changes, the REACT vacuum will instantly change the speed at which the brush bar is moving.

When on a hard floor, the brush speed will slow down so that no debris is flung far away or pushed about.

On the other hand, when it comes to carpets, the brush bar will accelerate its rotation so that pet hair deep in carpet fibre is given a strong enough workout to dislodge.

Taking the technology focus to a whole new level, you can customise the FloorSense tech setting from your smartphone and also keep an eye on the filter!

The REACT connects to your phone via Bluetooth!

The REACT also displays a sealed system where all allergens such as pet dander are effectively trapped.

With a specially-patented WindTunnel technology improving airflow, along with multiple cyclones, the suction power of this vacuum is immense.

Essentially in all of our tests no pet hair could escape the suction of the Hoover REACT.

With a heavy 8 kilogram frame, however, it isn’t the most compact vacuum around.

We were also left wishing that the dust canister could accommodate more than 1.5 litres of dust and pet hair.

For the features, however, this vacuum is one of the most high-tech upright vacuums for pet owners.

  • Powerful suction stems from airflow surge and cyclone tech running inside
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • FloorSense tech can be controlled from your smartphone
  • Filters can be monitored from your smartphone
  • FloorSense technology will adjust brush rotation to distinct floor types
  • Heavyweight at 8 kilos
  • Slightly stiff to maneuver
  • Dust canister could have been bigger

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Best Bagged Pet Vacuum

Best Hoover Pet Vacuum Hoover REACT

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

One of the best pet vacuums in Australia, this cylinder vacuum has excellent filtration, adjustable suction power and a massive dust bag.

This vacuum is so good that it made it to VacuumShop’s list of the best vacuums in Australia - period.

This bagged cylinder vacuum is quite simply one of the best pet vacuums you could buy for your home.

With an awesome control panel on the vacuum, you can increase or decrease your suction power depending on the floor type.

When coming against shaggy rags with pet hair tangled into the carpet fibre, the maximum power mode comes in handy.

The main feature of this vacuum is the filtration system.

Decked out with Miele’s Active AirClean technology, with a quick pass-through over pet hair you can also drive odours out from your carpet.

Another great feature is the 4.5-litre dustbag, which means a lot more cleaning and a lot less emptying!

The accessories you will get with your vacuum include a crevice nozzle for your car seats or staircases.

There is also an upholstery nozzle for cleaning your furniture and a soft synthetic bristle dusting brush which is ideal for floorboards.

One thing about the Complete C3 that alarmed us in our tests is that it has a tendency to struggle against large debris, with suction power coming up a tad short.

  • Powerful suction
  • Bagged vacuum with large dustbags
  • Active AirClean Technology take away odours
  • Adjustable power modes on an interactive control panel
  • Useful accessories such as a crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle as well as a synthetic dusting brush
  • Heavy at 5.4 kgs
  • Replacement bags is a continuous operating expense
  • Struggles a little when trying to suck up large debris

What Makes A Pet Vacuum A Great Fit For Your Home?

Picking up pet hair that is deeply entangled in carpet fibre is not an easy task for regular vacuum cleaners.

If you are tired of a home covered in pet fur, then a pet vacuum cleaner becomes essential.

The ideal pet vacuum has a powerfully rotating brush bar to dislodge hair from carpet as well as a strong filtration system to keep pet dander away.

Let’s take a closer look at the finer details that need to be inspected when choosing a pet vacuum in Australia.


Pet vacuums usually have great filtration, rotating brush bars, strong suction and large dust canisters.

All of those features mean one thing, however.

Pet vacuum cleaners are often quite expensive, and a significant investment for most Australian homes.

Pet Breed

While nearly every kind of dog or cat sheds fur regularly, some breeds are furrier than others.

What that could mean is that for certain dog and cat breeds you would need a more powerful pet vacuum.

In the case of dogs, breeds such as German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Golden Retrievers and Labradors are some notorious shedders!

When it comes to cats, Ragamuffins, Siberian cats, Cymric, Nebulung and American Bobtail cats shed indiscriminately!

If you have one of these breeds at home, then think about investing in a premium pet vacuum cleaner that can handle all of the cleaning that is sure to follow.


Pet dander is the microscopic flecks of dead skin that all animals shed.

For people with severe allergies, pet dander can be a real terror.

When choosing a pet vacuum, you need to keep out for a device with a HEPA filter.

Those filters can take away nearly 99.95% of all allergens such as pet dander that it comes across.

If your filter isn’t up to the mark, then all of the pet dander your vacuum picks up will be released right into the air.

Some brands like Miele have an Active AirClean filter which will take away odours as well!

Dust Filter Capacity

Every pet owner knows this all too well - Pets shed like there is no tomorrow.

In the face of such an onslaught, ensure that the pet vacuum cleaner you are selecting will have plenty of dust canister capacity.

VacuumShop to go for a dust canister in the range of 2 - 3 litres.

The same principle should apply for the dustbag capacity, if you were interested in a bagged pet vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have pets and use a regular vacuum, will I need to buy a pet hair vacuum?

Are there different pet vacuums for cats and dogs?

​Final Verdict

We all love our furry companions at home and want to provide a safe home for them to grow up in.

With a pet vacuum, you can ensure the cleanliness of your home.

Did you know that Spring is the season when most shedding takes place for cats and dogs?

The Hoover REACT is a great option for a tech-savvy home with its modern features.

If you prefer a bagged vacuum with a large dust bag, then the Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog is a real winner.

If your pets deserve only the very best and the price isn’t an issue, then it would be hard to find something better than the Dyson Ball DC65 Animal.

Invest in a pet vacuum and keep your home sanitary and fur-free, other than on the backs of your pets of course!