The Best Wet and Dry Vacuums Make A Splash!

Home cleaning can be much more than merely vacuuming the place up.

While dust and debris are very real problems, spilling water, milk, wine or juice on your floors is also a real possibility.

Just in Australia, nearly 400 people have lost their lives between 2003 to 2015 because of injuries caused by slipping on wet floors!

VacuumShop guides you with our picks for the best wet and dry vacuum reviews.

The best wet and dry vacuum cleaners can pick up debris such as cereals, hair and dust as well as suck up wet spills.

By having the capability to handle both, wet and dry vacuums make a great addition to a home that would like an option for outdoor cleaning.

Best Wet and Dry Vacuums Australia

When selecting our pick for the best wet and dry vacuum reviews, we wanted to make sure that the pick of the litter displayed a powerful motor and were durable devices.

By handling multiple cleaning types, each of the vacuums that have made our list of the best wet dry vacuums are excellent value for money.

We’ve divided them based on the best premium and cheap offering as well as our pick for the best performer.

Numatic Charles CVC370

Best Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum

Numatic Charles CVC370

Numatic Charles CVC370

Henry Hoover vacuums, which are sold by Numatic, are recognisable at a glance because of the smiling face on the side of the vacuum cylinder.

It’s not just the smiley on the side that’s made this vacuum such a phenomenon in the UK, and worldwide.

This wet and dry vacuum has a huge wet spill capacity, powerful suction and can clean up to 27 metres on a single swivel!

A HEPA filter on this vacuum is large enough to ensure that no allergens can escape its clutches.

For dry debris, the Charles CVC370 makes use of a 15-litre dust bag.

The HepaFlo dust bags can seal debris inside which makes it a great option for people that suffer from allergies.

Suction is where this vacuum really made us take a seat and notice it.

In our tests on hard surfaces as well as carpeted floors, the Charles displayed the extremely potent suction it can generate.

The thing we loved the most about this vacuum, ultimately, was the supreme ease with which this vacuum operates and how simple it is to use.

You can easily switch between dry mode to wet mode by simply changing the dry filter to a safety float valve option.

By generating only about 70 decibels of sound, we appreciated the quiet operation of this wet and dry vacuum - a rarity for the vacuum type.

By using only about 1200 watts of power, the Charles CVC370 is also a much more energy-efficient wet and dry vacuum than most.

At a little over 7 kilograms, this isn’t really a lightweight vacuum.

The price is also a little hefty, although we believe it is a tremendous value for your money!

  • Massive capacity for dry debris and wet spills
  • Excellent cleaning radius of nearly 27 metres
  • Tremendous suction power
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy-efficient
  • HEPA filtration and HepaFlo bags make this a great choice for homes with people that have allergies
  • The operation mode can be switched easily
  • Slightly hefty price tag
  • Not lightweight

Vax VX40

Best Cheap Wet and Dry Vacuum

Vax VX40

Vax VX40

After our team of testers were done with the VX40 from UK-based Vax, they were astonished at the affordable price of the wet and dry vacuum.

The VX40 is a highly versatile wet and dry vacuum that can vacuum both hard floors and carpets effectively, while also sucking up wet spills.

With 20 litres of capacity, you don’t have to worry about the VX 40 not being up to the job.

We were very impressed with the stainless steel tank on this vacuum.

With an 8-metre long cord to tow, this vacuum is convenient too.

The hose length of under 2 metres, could have been better though.

By using under 1300 watts of power, this vacuum is remarkably energy efficient.

Weighing in at just over 5 kilos, this Vax vacuum is lightweight.

The vacuum also doubles as a leaf blower or something to unclog your drains as it has a blower function!

The dust bags are a little expensive though, but also consider the low upfront cost.

This vacuum also makes use of a foam filter to filter out impurities.

VacuumShop advises our readers that this foam filter can tear easily.

If you were looking for an affordable wet and dry vacuum, the VX40 is a super deal.

  • Affordable price
  • Massive 20-litre capacity for handling wet and dry debris
  • Long cord of 8 metres
  • Immense suction power
  • Lightweight
  • Blower function is useful
  • Energy-efficient
  • The foam filter is fragile
  • Replacement dust bags are costly
  • Hose length is under 2 metres

Karcher WD 3 P

Best Performing Wet and Dry Vacuum

Karcher WD 3 P

Karcher WD 3 P

Ease of use is the name of the game when it comes to the WD 3 P from Germany-based Karcher.

With a powerful 1000-watt motor, the suction strength on this vacuum does not mean that you cannot get an energy-efficient device.

The main selling point of this vacuum is the presence of a cartridge filter which can be used for dry debris pickup as well as wet spill cleanups.

Usually, for most wet and dry vacuums, you have to alternate between the wet and dry filters continually.

The Karcher WD 3 P saves you from the trouble of doing that.

You can also attach important accessories such as a crevice tool directly to the suction hose for more power.

Weighing in at just over 6 kilograms, this vacuum isn’t too heavy for a wet and dry vacuum.

With a 17-litre capacity for holding in dust and debris, this vacuum sure is convenient.

People that love experimenting with power saws and drills in their garage will love this vacuum.

The Karcher WD 3 P has a power outlet on the vacuum body which you can connect your power tools to.

Debris created while your power tool is in use will be removed directly, with the power outlet also turning off power to the vacuum when you switch off the power tool.

A truly unique feature which we haven’t seen before at VacuumShop!

There is also a blower function to keep your garden tidy!

We were left slightly miffed that the power cord is only 4 metres long!

Replacement bags, however, can be a bit of a costly expense when it comes to this vacuum.

We loved the affordable price of this vacuum, however, which more than makes up for the cost of the replacement bags!

  • Affordable price
  • Massive 17-litre dust capacity
  • Cartridge filter can handle both wet spills and dry debris
  • Blower function is useful for leaf blowing in backyards
  • Power tools can be directly connected
  • Energy-efficient
  • Not too lightweight
  • Replacement dust bags are costly
  • Short power cord length

What Should I Consider Before Spending On A Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

Wet and Dry vacuums vary wildly in the capacity, versatility and ease of use of models from different vacuum brands.

The last thing you want is a wet and dry vacuum that ignores the unique needs of your home.

Check out some of the key considerations to consider before settling on a wet and dry cleaner.

Unique Needs

Every Australian home is different in the cleaning needs that come up.

Is your home filled with young children that are constantly spilling drinks?

Does your home cover a large area that you need more capacity?

Are you looking for a cost-effective option or are you willing to stretch your budget a little for a reliable investment?

If you are only dealing with the occasional spill in the kitchen, then a handheld wet and dry vacuum is probably all you need!

VacuumShop has found that more often than not, cheaper full-size wet and dry vacuums can be underwhelming in suction power.

Cleaning Radius

As wet and dry vacuums are relatively heavy duty machines, it could be important to have a device that can clean more area in a swivel.

Two key factors that determine this are the length of the cord as well as the length of the hose.

A short hose length can prevent your vacuum from cleaning hard-to-reach corners at home.

Dust and Wet Spill Capacity

The capacity to suck up wet spills and dry debris is a critical factor.

You don’t want to be constantly emptying a wet and dry vacuum with a low dust canister capacity.

Having a vacuum which is easy to empty will make your home cleaning so much more efficient.


More often than not, especially in standard wet and dry vacuum models, the filtration system is often inferior to typical upright or cylinder vacuums.

For people that suffer from dust allergies or acute breathing difficulties, a proper filtration system is critical.

Premium wet and dry vacuums, we’ve found, have top-notch filtration systems.


This is another area where wet and dry vacuums often come up short.

You don’t want to purchase a wet and dry vacuum that is over 8 kilograms!

To make cleaning something you look forward to, instead of something you dread, go for a compact cleaner!


The powerful suction in wet and dry vacuums comes from extremely potent motors.

The downside of having an extremely strong motor working, however, is that the noise generated can be close to unbearable.

Keep an eye on the decibel rating of the wet and dry vacuum you choose for your home.

Anything on or around 70 decibels should be a quiet vacuum!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can I Use My Regular Vacuum For Cleaning Wet Spills?

What Can I Use A Wet And Dry Vacuum For?

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Final Verdict

If you ever imagined a warrior vacuum, you probably thought about a wet and dry vacuum!

As true Spartans of the cleaning world, Wet and Dry vacuums can handle anything.

For a highly affordable wet and dry vacuum that never fails to deliver, the Vax VX40 is a safe bet.

If you have a work garage, then the Karcher WD 3 P can connect to power tools.

If you wanted a premium offering that will not disappoint because of the ease of use, then the Numatic Charles CVC370 is what you need!

Keep an eye on the dust capacity, your unique needs and budget before deciding!

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