The Best Window Vacuums Will Let The Light Back In!

Windows vacuums will keep one of the first things that you notice in any home spotless.

They are basically the “eyes” of your home and keeping them tidy has a few benefits.

The most important of which is allowing the natural light to come in.

Neglected windows can become damaged easily with time as oxidation and grime take its toll.

Instead of scrunching up newspapers and taking hours out of your week, VacuumShop’s list of the best window vacuum reviews will make your life easier.

We also state some of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase as well as answering some commonly posed questions when it comes to window cleaning!

Best Window Vacuums Australia

The best window vacs are lightweight, have a healthy amount of battery life, can clean edges effectively and won’t leave a single streak on your windows!

Each of the best window vacuum cleaners that have made VacuumShop’s list of the best window vacuum reviews can do all of the above.

We’ve divided them based on the best premium option, the best cheap offering we could find as well as the top performer!

Karcher WV2 Premium

Best Performing Window Vacuum

Karcher WV2 Premium

Karcher WV2 Premium

Germany-based Karcher is a global leader when it comes to cleaning equipment for your home.

The company invented the battery-powered window vacuum, and they flex their expertise with this product.

The WV2 Premium is, quite frankly, the best performing window vacuum we have come across - period.

Weighing in at only about 600 grams, this is a highly nimble cleaning device.

This cordless beauty has 25 minutes of battery life, which is sufficient for all of your windows at home.

The battery has a charge time of two hours though.

Our team of testers were astounded at the streak free finish and drip-free performance of this window vacuum.

The all-around performance on mirrors, porcelain tiles and even hard floors was one of the many reasons why we rate this window vacuum so highly!

The cleaning kit that we received with this vacuum has a window detergent and a microfibre pad to prevent scratches on your mirror.

To aid edge cleaning, this vacuum has a suction blade included to clean up some tricky spots.

We also found the suction device helpful in sucking up tiny spills at home, which is a great added benefit.

In our tests, we could see that the WV2 Premium does an excellent job of getting rid of watermarks and leaving no trail behind.

The capacity of the vacuum to hold dirty water is only about 100 millilitres, which is a bit disappointing.

We did love that the wastewater compartment was easy to empty though!

While the price is a little steep for a window vacuum, the performance of the Karcher WV2 speaks volumes!

  • Excellent battery running time at 25 minutes
  • The great suction tool makes edge cleaning easy
  • Streak-free cleaning performance
  • Lightweight at about 0.6 kilos
  • The wastewater canister capacity is limited
  • The battery takes two hours to recharge
  • Hefty price tag

Vileda WindoMatic Power

Best Premium Window Vacuum

Vileda WindoMatic Power

Vileda WindoMatic Power

Despite a premium price tag, the Vileda WindoMatic Power is a powerful cleaner with a “MAX” mode to boost suction.

With enough battery life to clean 120 window panes, the performance of this window vacuum will make the price tag an afterthought in no time!

The battery life lasts for about 20 minutes.

A great thing about the design of this window vacuum is the presence of a flexible head which makes cleaning really dynamic.

While the excellent battery life is cut down by the “MAX” power mode, the extra suction will do wonders on edges and in sucking up spills.

The wastewater tank is dishwasher-safe, which was a huge convenience.

Wastewater can be easily emptied as well, with our testers also appreciating that the wastewater tank capacity is 0.3 litres.

We did, however, find it a bit awkward to fit the water tank onto the vacuum at times.

Weighing in at only about 650 grams, this is an extremely easy device on the hands especially during those long window cleaning sessions.

If your budget is strong enough, the Vileda will not disappoint with this excellent product with flexible cleaning and powerful suction.

  • Sufficient battery life of 20 minutes
  • MAX suction mode makes cleaning simple
  • Wastewater canister capacity is 300 ml
  • Flexible head
  • Wastewater tank is easy to empty
  • Lightweight at about 0.65 kilos
  • Shoulder strap
  • The wastewater tank is a little awkward to re-fit
  • Expensive

Vax VX11

Best Cheap Window Vacuum

Vax VX11

Vax VX11

Don’t let the low price tag fool you - this window vacuum is one of the most technologically innovative we have seen.

The pivoting head makes it easy to clean edges without having to give your wrists a workout!

Half an hour of battery life is one of the best we have seen for a window vacuum in Australia!

It does, however, take three hours to completely recharge once drained.

Given the budget status, however, we have to point out that the suction on this vacuum is not as powerful as the more expensive window vacuums we have reviewed.

While the wastewater tank is sufficiently large at 0.3 litres, it does take a while to empty!

The vacuum has two tanks for making cleaning easier.

The TwinTank technology allows this window vacuum to mix steam and detergent to make window cleaning effortless.

A lightweight design of only about 700 grams makes this window vacuum a treat to use.

Despite some drawbacks, the VX11 is a solid option for homes that are on a tight budget!

  • Affordable
  • Excellent battery life of 30 minutes
  • TwinTank technology
  • Wastewater canister capacity is 300 ml
  • Pivoting head
  • Lightweight at about 0.7 kilos
  • Suction power could have been better
  • Wastewater tank takes some time to empty
  • Takes three hours to recharge

What Should I Ponder Upon Before Buying Window Vacuums?

There are a few critical factors that need to be considered before making a purchase decision for your home.

A good window vacuum has a powerful battery, great suction and will not leave any streaks on your windows.

Let’s discuss the key considerations.

Battery Life

Almost all window vacuums are cordless machines that run on lithium-ion batteries.

Typically, batteries last for about 15 - 30 minutes.

Recharging Time

We find that most window vacuums take between 2 - 3 hours to recharge.

The more time it takes to recharge, the less convenient your window vacuum.


A critical factor when it comes to window cleaning is leaving the glass streak-free.

Good suction can get rid of moisture effectively, and even make your window vacuum versatile.

Edge Cleaning

The edges of window panes host a lot of dust as well as allergens.

Look out for a window vacuum with a pivoting or flexible head or powerful suction to deal with edge cleaning.


While not exactly essential, it can be helpful if there are accessories such as microfibre cloths and smaller blades.

An extension wand can be useful in reaching windows that are out of reach.


Window cleaning can take a while so you don’t want to give your wrists a workout.

Cleaning windows can be easy with a lightweight window vacuum.


We noticed that more pricey window vacuums have better suction and leave behind less apparent streaks.

At VacuumShop, our recommendation is to spend a little over a $100 to get an excellent window cleaner for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is It Important To Clean Windows?

Can I Use My Window Vacuum For Anything Else?

Final Verdict On Window Vacuums

There is nothing quite as detestable as walking into a home with windows that are covered in dust and grime.

All of that work you put in to keep your carpets and floor tidy can be undone in a second if your windows aren’t letting any sunlight in!

If you have the budget to back you, consider the Vileda WindoMatic which has a flexible head.

If performance is everything to you, then you cannot go wrong with the Karcher WV2 Premium.

For homes that are on a tight budget, the excellent battery life and ease of use of the Vax VX11 will make up for slightly less potent suction power.

If you are tired of wiping windows, kitchen tops and bathroom tiles, then a good window vacuum will leave you wondering how you survived so long without it!

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