Which Are The Best Garden Vacuums And Leaf Blowers In Australia?

The leaves that fall during the months of Autumn are beautiful to look at because of the spectrum of colours that suddenly find themselves in your backyard.

But there are some drawbacks to just letting them lie there!

Other than robbing the grass underneath of sunlight, these leaves can also shelter disease-causing bugs.

If there are rains, then these leaves can cause a soaking wet mess in your backyard.

Additionally, if these leaves find their way to waterways, they will rob the water of oxygen and kill off fishes!

If you want to avoid those problems, follow VacuumShop’s guide of the best leaf blowers and best garden vacuums Australia currently has!

We also state some key considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase, as well as answer some common queries people ask about garden vacuums.

Let’s jump right into the best garden vacuum reviews then!

Best Garden Vacuums Australia

Keeping your garden tip-top isn’t just a matter of maintaining first impressions; it’s also to maintain the hygiene of your backyard!

While raking is cheap and effective, it is also time-consuming and tough on the arms and back!

The garden vacuums and leaf blowers that have made our shortlist are so powerful, they will only leave you with one problem - there aren’t enough dead leaves in your backyard!

We’ve divided them based on the best performer, the best cheap offering and the best lightweight garden vacuum!

Bosch ALS 25

Best Performing Garden Vacuum

Bosch ALS 25

Bosch ALS 25

If you want only the best, the Bosch ALS 25 would be VacuumShop’s recommendation.

Despite being slightly bulky and not really lightweight, if you wanted professional-grade cleaning for your backyard, this is the garden vacuum you need.

For starters, this vacuum isn’t just a garden vacuum; it is a leaf blower and a shredder too!

A massive 2,300-watt motor in this beast will generate wind speeds of 300 km/hour!

That’s like having a leaf blower that is as fast as a Corvette!

Our testers used wet leaves to stimulate a classic, damp Australian garden scenario.

The superior blowing and suction power of the ALS 25 made light work of an aspect that most garden vacuums struggle with!

On windy days you can tone down the power, which we found useful.

You only need to change tubes to switch between a leaf blower to a vacuum.

We loved that there is an in-built shredder in the vacuuming mode, which means you can fit a lot more leaves in your dust bag.

The dust bag is massive, with a 45-litre capacity!

While a corded design does make it less convenient than cordless garden vacuums, the cord is sufficiently long at 8 metres.

A shoulder-strap comes in handy as this vacuum weighs 4.4 kilos in vacuum mode and 3.2 kilos in leaf blower mode!

Considering the affordable price tag, however, we believe the extremely potent performance makes this vacuum tremendous value for your hard-earned dollars!

  • Affordable price
  • An excellent 2,300-watt motor provides superb suction power
  • Three-in-one capability of vacuum, blower and shredder
  • Massive 45-litre dust bag
  • Power mode can be controlled
  • Can pick up wet leaves
  • A long cord at 8 metres
  • Heavy in vacuum mode
  • Not too energy-efficient 

Worx WG504E

Best Cheap Garden Vacuum 

Worx WG504E

Worx WG504E

Much like the Bosch ALS 25, this offering from China-based Worx is also a 3-in-1 device capable of vacuuming, mulching and leaf blowing.

The great thing about the WG504E is that you can easily switch between these three modes without having to change your nozzle!

With an angled nozzle design, you can clean underneath garden furniture easily and also control the leaf blowing movement better.

The presence of a large 45-litre dust bag means less time wasted on emptying the bag.

Although it is a corded model, the power cord is 10 metres long!

We also loved how there are seven distinct power modes to adjust speed according to the needs of your yard.

At the maximum power mode, this Worx garden vac can blow leaves at speeds of up to 335 km/hour!

2,500 watts of power means energy efficiency is sacrificed though!

We appreciated the shoulder strap as this vacuum is a little heavy at 4.1 kilograms!

Considering the low price, we couldn’t see too many reasons why any Aussie home would be dissatisfied!

  • Angled nose
  • Cheap price tag
  • A 3-in-1 device capable of vacuuming, mulching and blowing
  • Large 45-litre dust bag
  • Seven distinct speed modes
  • Long 10-metre cord
  • Shoulder strap
  • Heavy at about 4.1 kilos
  • Not energy-efficient

Black+Decker GW2500

Best Lightweight Garden Vacuum

Black+Decker GW2500

Black+Decker GW2500

The U.S.-based Black+Decker has a hand in everything when it comes to workshop and garden tools.

Despite a slightly heftier price tag, the innovation shines through as they have managed to design a powerful vacuum which weighs only a little over 3 kilograms in blower mode.

Like the best garden vacuums, the GW2500 can shred the leaves it vacuums as well as act as a leaf blower.

With blowing speeds of 310 km/hour, the 2,500-watt motor may not be energy efficient, but it sure is effective!

A 40-litre dust bag capacity will be sincerely appreciated by Australians with large backyards!

One thing about this vacuum, however, is that at about 105 decibels, it can be quite loud!

When switching from leaf blower to vacuum mode, you have to change the nozzle.

We found that this switching process isn’t all that easy, as the screws have to be sufficiently tightened to work properly.

We also wished the power cord was a little longer.

If you wanted a lightweight leaf blower with powerful performance, our recommendation is the GW2500.

  • A 3-in-1 device capable of vacuuming, shredding and blowing
  • Lightweight in blower mode at just over 3 kilos
  • Massive 40-litre dust bag
  • Long 10-metre cord
  • Shoulder strap
  • Slightly hefty price tag
  • Short power cord
  • Not energy-efficient
  • Switching modes is a little cumbersome

What Are The Key Features Of A Garden Vacuum?

The best kind of garden vacuums or leaf blowers have plenty of power, are extremely simple to use and provide tremendous value for your money.

Some key factors determine if you purchase a good garden vacuum for your home.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

Cleaning Requirement

You can either use a garden vacuum to suck up the leaves in your backyard or a leaf blower to pile it up.

The best kinds of garden vacuums will be able to blow leaves as well as shred the leaves it vacuums up.

Consider the needs of your garden before settling on a purchase decision.


Gardens take a while to clean as leaves can be scattered all over the place.

You need to keep an eye out for garden vacuums around a 3 to 4-kilo range as they are most comfortable to carry around for extended periods.

If that is not possible, make sure there is a shoulder strap attachment to relieve pressure on your arms!

Suction Power

An effective garden vacuum will have suction that is powerful enough to pick up dry leaves, and even damp ones.

Keep in mind that when it comes to garden vacuums and lightweight leaves, too much power can be a bad thing also.

Our recommendation is to go for a vacuum which has a power mode that can be controlled.

Power Supply

Garden vacuums are either powered by electricity, batteries or petrol/diesel.

Make a decision depending on what is most cost-effective for your home.

While batteries and petrol-powered garden vacuums are more convenient to use, you have to keep an eye on the battery running out or the petrol tank emptying.

Given the energy costs in Australia, perhaps it is not exactly wise to bank on a corded garden vacuum!

Most homes in Australia will find petrol-powered garden vacuums to be excessive to their cleaning needs as they can be especially potent!

Dust Bag

A larger dust bag for collecting leaves is a crucial consideration, as you don’t want to waste precious time constantly emptying the insides.

The presence of a shredder in your garden vacuum can be especially useful in this regard, as it can reduce the leaf volume up to 10 times!

Another factor that people usually overlook when it comes to collection bags is just how easy it is to connect to the garden vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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​Final Verdict

Garden vacuums and leaf blowers make garden up-keep something Aussies can look forward to for a change!

Fallen leaves can host diseases, block gutters and are a tripping hazard when damp.

If we had to pinpoint our pick for best performing garden vacuum, we would have to say that it is the Bosch ALS 25.

With highly versatile functionality, this garden vacuum has excellent suction and a massive collection bag.

If you are on a bit of a budget but don’t want to sacrifice any power, the Worx WG504E is what you need.

For Australians that want a lightweight option, our recommendation is the Black+Decker GW2500!

Choosing a reliable machine for your garden will depend on the brand, the weight and the ease of use!