The Best Steam Cleaners Are The New Super-Products!

For Australians that place a lot of importance to the hygiene of their home, steam cleaners are the new super-product when it comes to home cleaning.

By using extremely potent steam to kill off bacteria and mites, you can also dislodge hardened grease in your home.

The great thing about steam cleaners is how they can handle everything from windows to porcelain tiles as well as ovens and laminated floors!

Because of the fad strengthening in the market, many vacuum cleaner manufacturers have stepped into the steam cleaner space.

So how do you make an informed decision in an overcrowded market?

Following VacuumShop’s list of the best steam cleaner reviews is an excellent place to start!

We answer some commonly questions we receive from steam cleaner owners.

Check out our section stating the critical factors to look into before making a purchase!

Let’s step right into the best steam cleaner reviews then!

Best Steam Cleaners Australia

Before settling into a decision, take a hard look at the ease of use, steam power, accessories in hand and the overall cleaning versatility.

Each of the steam cleaners that have made our list of the best steam cleaner reviews Australia currently have, are top-notch cleaners.

We’ve divided them based on the best premium offering, the best handheld steam cleaner as well as the top performer we came across!

Vax Duet Master Steam Cleaner

Best Premium Steam Cleaner

Vax Duet Master

Vax Duet Master Steam Cleaner

If you had the budget to back you up, then the Vax Duet Master Steam Cleaner is an immense product.

This versatile steam cleaner has a vast array of accessories.

The accessories (of which there are 18 of them!) help your Vax steam cleaner to clean windows, furniture, grout and tiles.

By converting to a handheld unit, this steam cleaner will help you with all of the above-floor cleaning requirements you had.

We also loved how quickly the water would be heated up, in a little over half a minute.

At under 3 kilograms, this steam cleaner is exceptionally agile which adds to its appeal through improved maneuverability.

By being a corded model, you won’t have to worry about the battery running out!

Our team of reviewers also appreciated an 8-metre long power cord!

The water tank capacity of just 0.4 litres, however, wasn’t all that impressive.

With that sort of capacity, this cleaner will only work for about 12 minutes on a tank.

The fast heating time, however, does not make this a big issue, other than the inconvenience of refilling the tank every 12 minutes!

At 1,600 watts, this steam cleaner isn’t really an energy-efficient addition to your home.

No sealed floors are a match for this Vax steam cleaner, with surfaces including wooden and laminate floors or porcelain tiles.

We loved how quickly the steam would dry up, without leaving the floor wet for too long and create a safety hazard at home.

Despite the expensive price tag, the versatility makes it worth the money.

  • A corded model with a long cord
  • 18 accessories mean a highly versatile cleaning experience
  • Converts to handheld mode
  • Lightweight at only 2.7 kilos 
  • Fast heating time of about 30 - 60 seconds
  • Steam dries quickly
  • Expensive
  • Water Capacity of only 0.4 litres
  • Not energy-efficient
  • Only cleans for 12 minutes on a single tank

Bissell Steam Shot 2635F

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

Bissell Steam Shot 2635F

Bissell Steam Shot 2635F

Although it may not look like it, when it comes to delivering a powerful burst of steam, the Bissell Steam Shot is a pocket rocket.

With a lightweight design of under 1.4 kilos, this corded handheld device is perfect for cleaning spots at home that traditional steam cleaners cannot reach.

Eight accessories with the Bissell Steam Shot will add to the versatility in portable steam cleaning.

Our testers found the flat scraping tool with the cleaner was extremely good at removing scum from sticky surfaces.

The fabric steamer could also double as a wrinkle remover of your clothes and curtains!

The squeegee tool was ideal for window cleaning.

The detail brush was ideal for removing soap scum in showers and dried up soil in gardens.

If your home has sinks that are discoloured or stovetops with excessive grease, the Bissell Steam Shot can be an effective cleaning weapon to reclaim control!

The 0.36-litre water capacity meant that we could only steam clean for about 8 minutes on a single tank.

Our testers were also slightly miffed that it took over two minutes for the steam cleaner to be ready to use once you fill it up.

We were also left wishing that we didn’t have to keep our finger on the trigger.

Despite some drawbacks, the excellent cleaning performance and the affordable price tag make us a big fan of the Bissell Steam Shot.

  • Affordable price
  • Corded
  • 8 accessories mean highly versatile portable cleaning
  • Lightweight at under 1.4 kilos 
  • Can be used to remove wrinkles from clothing
  • Short power cord of under five metres
  • Low water capacity of under 0.4 litres
  • Steam cleaning of only about 8 minutes on a single tank
  • Heating time is over 2 minutes
  • The trigger needs to be held down, which can be tiresome


Best Performing Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC3 EASYFI


The ease of use is what the Karcher SC3 EASYFIX has got going for it.

Water heating time is just about 30 seconds, and there is an automatic descaler dispenser for effective cleaning.

A drawback of the descaler unit, however, is that you have to regularly replace it every few months, which means an ongoing expense.

A litre of water capacity is nearly twice the capacity that most steam cleaners come with!

That capacity volume also means that your Karcher SC3 will last for about 15 minutes.

The range of accessories with the Karcher lends a dimension of versatility we have rarely seen in this price range.

Our team of testers were highly impressed with the floor cleaning head which can effectively clean large spaces of floors quickly!

The steam cleaner could effectively clean sealed floors such as laminate, wooden, stone and porcelain tiles.

By giving you the ability to control steam power, you can handle any surface.

Our thorough testing helped us determine how well the Karcher SC3 performs in getting rid of grease.

It can also get rid of mould in showers and the stubbornest stains off curtains and furniture!

The descaling unit really helps get rid of limescale in the bathroom!

Weighing just about 3.5 kilograms, this is a lightweight cylinder steam cleaner.

We appreciated how a lock system would protect your children from the high-pressure and dangerous steam.

With 1900 watts of power, it's not really an energy-efficient choice for your home.

As a corded model, the 4-metre long power cord seemed a bit inadequate.

Through performance alone, the Karcher SC3 is one of the best steam cleaners we have seen in Australia.

  • Fifteen minutes of cleaning time
  • One litre of water capacity
  • Descaling unit is a powerful tool in bathroom cleaning
  • Steam power control
  • Heating time of about half a minute
  • Lightweight at only 3.5 kilos
  • Excellent floor cleaner
  • The lock system is useful for homes with curious children 
  • Short power cord of four metres
  • Descaler unit needs to be replaced occasionally, which is a running expense
  • Not energy-efficient

What Critical Features Does A Steam Cleaner Have?

We’re going to discuss some of the most critical factors that determine the quality of the steam cleaner you choose for your home.

The best kind of steam cleaners will quickly heat up water, eject steam powerfully to kill of bacteria and be nimble devices.

Check out some of the key considerations to think about before deciding for your home.

Corded or Cordless

Cordless steam cleaners are more convenient than corded steam cleaners for daily use.

That is especially true if you hate reconnecting in new power outlets as you move along your home.

The downside of a cordless cleaner, however, is battery life often won’t go beyond 15 minutes.

Cleaning Requirements

A versatile steam cleaner can be expensive.

If you only need a steam cleaner for particular hotspots at home, then a handheld steam cleaner could do the job while also saving you a little money.

A steam mopping head is ideal if your home is predominantly made up of hard floors, but they are still somewhat expensive.

Cylinder steam cleaners are, however, the most expensive and often the most effective kind of steam cleaners.

They can also hold more water than typical steam cleaner models, which means less time refilling water for you.

Steam Power

Steam power is the holy grail when it comes to the effectiveness of your steam cleaner.

When the high temperature of the steam combines with extreme pressure, you get a powerful cleaner that can dislodge all grime and grease it comes across.

Tools Included

For a truly versatile steam cleaner, you need to focus on the accessories that are provided.

If you wanted to get rid of grease or grime on your oven, then look out for a scrubbing mop pad with your steam cleaner.

If you wanted to clean windows, then a squeegee tool is vital.

For stained furniture, an upholstery tool could be essential for deep cleaning.

Look out for detergent dispenser options for comprehensively cleaning your floors.

Water Capacity

The capacity of your steam cleaner to hold water and efficiently use it is what makes your steam cleaner an effective device that is also easy to use.

If the capacity is too low, then you will be left constantly refilling it.

Heating Time

If your steam cleaner takes too long to heat the water into steam, then you would never look forward to using it!

For an efficient cleaner look out for models that can heat water in under a minute!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can A Steam Cleaner Replace My Carpet Cleaner?

Why Should I Buy A Steam Cleaner?

Where Should I Not Use My Steam Cleaner?

Final Verdict

Despite being a somewhat recent addition to the world of home cleaning, steam cleaners are now everywhere for very good reasons.

An excellent steam cleaner can be versatile in operation and can be a hygienic cleaner of your tiles at home.

Steam cleaners can also provide a refreshed look to certain hotspots in your carpet.

If you need a powerful performer for your home, both the Karcher SC3 and the Vax Duet Master Steam Cleaner are excellent choices.

The Vax Duet Master comes with a premium price tag while it makes up for it by the array of accessories included.

If your steam cleaning needs are limited and you are on a budget, then the Bissell Steam Shot handheld cleaner is probably all you need!

Because of the vast array of choices on the market, keep the unique needs of your home and budget before making a choice.

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